Mama Cat Is Very Protective Of Her Little Adorable Babies

| Published on June 11, 2015

Kittens are the most adorable creatures in this world. Especially the newborns. Their paws and noses are so pink and they look so cute and precious when they are cuddling with their moms. It’s so sweet how a mama cat keeps her precious babies close to her. She keeps them warm and she protects them from whatever she thinks is a threat to her kitties.

So if you need your daily dose of cuteness or if you’re looking for something to make you smile, we’ve got just the video for you! This mama cat is so protective of her little babies that she keeps them wrapped up and covered in her belly. At first glance, you’ll think there’s only one kitten snuggling with her. After a few seconds you’ll see that there’s actually two of them. Check out the video below!

What a sweet and protective mama cat! Her babies are just the cutest. I just love how she hugs her kittens really tight.

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