7 Things Only A Persian Owner Would Understand

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on June 11, 2015

If you didn’t know by now, Persian cats are the most popular cat breed in the entire world. People love them, and with their smushed little faces, bright eyes and fluffy bodies it’s easy to see why. Many argue that the love given from a Persian is like no other, and as any Persian owner knows, this breed is in a class all of its own. Here’s our fun list of 7 things only a Persian owner would understand:

3470673356_b6f4495bcb_zSource: Andrey via Flickr

7. Your Cat Redefines The Meaning Of The Word “Lazy”

12945755813_f92fb0c8a0_z-2Source: Brad via Flickr

6. “Dignified” Doesn’t Even Come Close Enough To Describe Your Sophisticated Feline

5465084380_5807afd35d_zSource: Pawel via Flickr

5. Grooming is Just a Part of Life

4662572821_c20a36d677_z-2Source: Marius Kažemėkaitis via Flickr

4. Cats Really Can Snore

1676402705_2e3500db97_zSource: Susannah Grant via Flickr

3. Your Cat Will Settle for Nothing Less Than Being Totally Spoiled

12945778743_ae6a403e47_zSource: Brad via Flickr

2. Your Cat is Calm, Cool and Collective at All Times–And Always Practices Good Manners

7878023998_b64dfe4398_zSource: Andrey via Flickr

1. Your Cat Will Annoy You Uncontrollably Until They Get Exactly What They Want–Attention!!