Mama Cat Helps Her Kitten Climb Back Up Inside The House–So Sweet!

| Published on June 22, 2015

Animals have amazing maternal instincts. We’ve even seen cats who adopt other baby animals and raise them as their own. It just shows how incredible a mother’s love truly is. And it’s not easy being mom, especially when you have a mischievous and naughty child to look after.

The video below shows how much a cat mother cares about her kittens. This little kitty got out of the house, and now he wants to go back in. But he’s having some difficulties climbing back up inside the house. So it’s mama cat to the rescue! She quickly climbs up the window and helps her baby! Watch the video and see this caring mama cat helping her kitten climb the window:

Awwww…how sweet! She even gave the kitten some kisses as he was climbing up! And did you notice how she placed her paw under the kitten as he was climbing down to the other side? They’re so cute and so precious!

Have you ever seen your cat helping other animals or her own kittens? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!