Mama Cat Cares For Ducklings As If They Were Her Very Own. Amazing!!!

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on June 26, 2015

Sometimes a cat can truly amaze us with the things that they do. When this farm family wanted to add a couple of ducks to their bunch, they brought home some fertilized eggs that were almost ready to hatch. One morning when they went to check on the eggs, they discovered that the eggs had hatched–yet there were no tiny ducklings in sight. The couple quickly realized that the female cat they kept on the farm had likely discovered the babies, and sadly eaten them.

It wasn’t till almost 6 hours later that they witnessed an amazing sight, discovering the ducklings in their cat’s care. Shocked and amazed, they immediately noticed that their cat was caring for the babies as if they were her very own! Watch this beautiful footage below:

That was almost unbelievable! Have you ever seen anything like it? What a sweet cat Della is! That is one proud mama to her “yellow” kittens. Share this sweet story with your cat loving friends!