Majestic Lynx Is Reduced To A Purring Kitten When His Handler Scratches His Head

You know that delightful purr of pure joy your cat releases when she’s got a full belly, a cozy spot to lay and a human to scratch behind her ears? Turns out that symphony of ecstasy is universal throughout all species of feline.

Meet Max. He’s a 5-year-old Lynx weighing in at 40 pounds. He works as an educational ambassador, raising public awareness about the plight of the endangered Canada Lynx.

The following video was taken inside of Max’s swanky housing – he has his own indoor area where he can escape from the cold, as well as a large outdoor enclosure to keep him entertained and happy.

Watch as Max enjoys a luxurious pre-dinner rubdown from his handler and lead educator, Bernadette Hoffman.

As adorable as this video is, it is important to remember that Lynxes are wild animals. Since Max was born in captivity, he is partially domesticated, but he’s certainly no house cat! His handler has earned his trust and has received training on how to safely interact with him.

Max’s job is to inspire young people to conserve the environment and protect wildlife for future generations – and as you can see, he takes his work very seriously!

Check out the YouTube channel, WildlifeBernie for lots more videos of Max and his fellow animal ambassadors!

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