Lucky Kitty Gets Gourmet Feast Prepared By His Chef Owner

| Published on September 21, 2016

Let’s face it, it pays to live with a good cook. Whether you’re the chef of the house or you’ve found yourself a partner or roommate that can prepare some delicious food, you probably know what kind of appreciation is owed to the chef. But just when you think you’ve gotten lucky, a cat named Kohaku shows us what fine dining is really all about.

Kohaku’s owner is YouTube famous chef JunsKitchen. Jun decided to test his cooking skills against his cat’s favorite commercial kitty food and the dish he makes will make your mouth water! He definitely shows off his masterful skills preparing this dish for Kohaku, but he still seems rather pleased with himself when he sets the two plates in front of Kohaku. Sure enough, the hungry kitty goes straight for the home-prepped meal and wants nothing to do with the kibble.



This lucky feline is the perfect example that a delicious, healthy, home-cooked meal is what everyone wants at the end of the day. Food is such an important part of all our lives, we can’t help but feel a little bit jealous that Kohaku lives with such a wonderful chef!