Loyal Ginger Cat Sees His Kid Off To School Every Day

You’ve seen stories, even movie scenes, of dogs waiting for their little humans when they get on and off the school bus. But check out this adorably loyal kitty that waits with his kid to catch his morning ride!

Redditor Insta1234 dubs the pair “Calvin and Hobbes,” although the ginger kitty’s real name is Fish, a name chosen by the boy.

“Our cat waits outside every morning to be with my son when he waits for the bus,” the poster captioned this adorable photo.

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No matter what the weather, Fish waits with his human, even when there’s snow on the ground! “Calvin and Hobbes returns, snow edition…” they wrote.

Same day, first image is waiting for the bus, 2nd was taken as they parted ways.

Insta1234 posted that the cat even waits for his kid to come home from school. “I took the trash out to the curb an hour before the bus arrival to find our cat patiently waiting for his friend,” they said.

What an adorable friendship! Do you have a cat who’s exceptionally loyal?

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