Kitten Weeping In Cage Hears Girl’s Angelic Voice And His Tears Stop Falling

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on March 5, 2024

A little lost soul wandered the street aimlessly, looking for help. The small kitten knew he couldn’t care for himself, and his size put him at risk for bigger cats to pick on him and steal whatever scraps he could find. He was desperate and alone until a kind person picked him up and took him to the local shelter. Even though the kitten was safe and being looked after, he wept uncontrollably. His little meows and tiny tears pulled at the staff’s heartstrings. They prayed he would find peace and comfort soon.

First, the volunteers made some phone calls and posted the kitten’s plight on their social media page to see if his current owners would come forward. The next day, the staff received a phone call from a little girl. Her sweet voice, which sounded like an angel’s, pleaded with the shelter workers. She said she had lost a kitten and hoped he was safe and sound. The staff promised the little girl that he was and that she could come in at any time to pick him up.

The little girl showed up at the shelter an hour later. The workers were in for a shock: The weeping kitten heard the little girl’s voice and immediately stopped crying! This precious story couldn’t have a better ending. We are so grateful for the little girl, and the kitten’s happily ever after.

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