Lincoln, The Kitten Who Can Now Walk His Own Path

Written by: Kat Keeter
| Published on October 9, 2015

Lincoln, a little black kitten, was found in the middle of north St. Louis on a sidewalk by a passerby. Lincoln seemed immobile, so without a second thought, the kindhearted woman brought him back to her home to inspect him for any injuries. She did not find any, and Lincoln just laid beside her all day. She then contacted Tenth Life, a non-profit in St. Louis, that saves stray cats and kittens.

Fortunately for Lincoln, Tenth Life focuses on rescued cats with special needs. Tenth Life suspected he might have had neurological injuries, and diagnosed him as being quadriplegic. They partnered with Lincoln’s new owners, and began his journey through physical therapy. The road was a tough one for kitten and owners, but it was definitely worth it. Take a look at these videos as they highlight Lincoln’s journey to be able to walk on his own.

Lincoln’s first few steps!

Lincoln can now sit-up and bat a toy!

Lincoln can run!

Lincoln is now an adult!

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