Cat Loving 911 Operator Saves 5 Abandoned Kittens After Phone Call

Written by: Kat Keeter
| Published on October 9, 2015

A man called 911 when he found a box of 5 abandoned kittens, and little did he know a cat lover by the name of Shauna Rogers was going to answer that call. She immediately dispatched the police to the scene, but then remembered animal control was not on duty since it was Saturday. She tells the news, “I was wondering what the officer is going to do with all these kittens. I could hear them crying in the background; you could tell they were very little.”

Shauna then messaged the officer that answered the 911 call and told him to bring the kittens up to dispatch. Before their shift was over, every kitten had a new, loving home to go to. One employee, Sarah Campbell, even adopted 2 of the kittens for her children, who named them Rosey and Wilson. Even the news anchor wanted to adopt one, but was too late because all of Shauna’s coworkers had adopted all of the kittens.


It’s wonderful to see these kittens find their furrever homes! Is your cat a rescue, or have you ever fostered rescues? Tell us your story!!