Cat Prefers His Husky Over A Cat Bed Any Day


It’s getting quite chilly outside now that fall has arrived. Farina the cat spends more time indoors than out nowadays and her best friend, Maeby the Siberian Husky couldn’t agree more! She spends a lot of time napping too. What do you expect, the cold is conducive for napping and I’m sure many of you do the same thing.

Cats like to explore and find new things to do and more adventures to get into but today is exceptionally cold so she opted to take a nap as well. You’d expect this cat to sleep in her own bed but she preferred to snuggle up to Maeby for that added warmth and comfort by using her friend as her bed! Mmmm…all soft and fluffy!!

It’s a good thing Maeby doesn’t mind. She simply doesn’t have a care in the world. Her best friend Farina is behaving herself and is literally and figuratively close to her all day long. She doesn’t have to go out in the cold to look for Farina today – thank goodness for small mercies!!! 🙂

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