Kitten Who Was Tossed In The Ocean Gets Rescued By A Heroic Charter Boat Captain

In Destin, Florida, a cruel incident of animal abuse could’ve turned tragic if not for an astute and big-hearted charter boat captain.

Captain Jordan Smith, who was operating a boat called “Profishional” for Let’s Fish Destin Charters, was on the water when he saw an object falling from a nearby bridge then splash into the ocean. At first, Smith thought someone had tossed out a wad of trash. As he got closer, he noticed it was an animal, and figured it might be a seal. But then he realized the creature was struggling, and upon seeing tiny furry limbs and desperate yellow eyes, he discovered that it was a cat!

Smith didn’t hesitate to scoop the poor baby up with a fishing net, and ended up saving its life.

Watch a news story on the rescue below:

Smith took the lucky black cat to the vet, and plans on adopting it into his family, which includes a dog who he considers to be “his princess.” The captain wants to name the little survivor “Miracle,” which we think is quite fitting!

According to WEARTV, the new cat-dad plans on working with authorities to try to catch Miracle’s abusers. But for now, the kitten has a safe, loving home, and gets to enjoy life with this animal-loving hero!

(h/t: 10 News)

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