They Said This Kitten Wouldn’t Survive, But This Woman Proved Them Wrong

| Published on March 3, 2024

Shelter staff and vets told Rachel Brown that the little white kitten wouldn’t make it, but she took a chance, and together, they defied the odds!

The kitten, named Jon Snow, was found in terrible condition on the streets of South Korea. He was taken to a kill shelter to await his death as he suffered from starvation, dehydration, and a severe upper respiratory infection.



Meanwhile, Brown was searching for the perfect feline friend, and when she walked into the shelter and laid eyes on Jon, she knew she was meant to save him.

“As soon as I saw him, my heart leaped and then sank,” she told Inside “I instantly loved him, but he looked so sick and so sad.”


She asked about adopting him and the shelter staff advised her against it, saying that there was no way he’d survive. But she took a chance and signed the adoption papers, anyway.

As they headed to the vet, the kitten’s demeanor changed. Suddenly, it seemed, he had hope.

“When I took Jon out of the shelter, I think he knew he had been saved. While we were traveling on trains to the vet, he wanted to keep me in his sight; if he couldn’t see me through the mesh, he would meow,” she said in the story.

But the doctors delivered heartbreaking news for the second time that day. It seemed that the kitty had coronavirus, a deadly and incurable disease. They said that they could either euthanize him, or attempt to treat him; Brown chose the latter.


After three days in the hospital, hooked up to an IV, the brave kitten began to show drastic signs of improvement. He started eating normally, and even more amazingly, he had the energy to play!


By the fifth day, a true miracle happened: his blood work came back normal! That day, the resilient kitten was taken off his IV with the hope of a normal life ahead of him.


Today, Jon Snow is happy, healthy, and spoiled! He knows that he will always be taken care of by the loving human that had faith in him when no one else did.


“He is the happiest kitty and that makes me so happy,” Brown said in the Inside story.

Just look at the beautiful face!


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We’re so glad these two didn’t give up! Can you believe this kitty’s incredible transformation?

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(h/t: Inside