Kitten Comforts Lion King‘s Simba & You Will Cry Because It’s Too Cute

No matter what anyone says, cats are not aloof overlords who peer down at us from on high. Okay, they are, but at the same time, cats can be loving and tender creatures when someone needs comforting.

And Mika the kitten is a baby cat who still has more love than aloofness about her. In fact, this fluffy kitten has love for everyone, including animated characters.

Mika loves her family, both the humans and her furry cat siblings. She’s the smallest of them, but she might just have the biggest heart. And her playful antics often keep her family’s attention, which is her favorite thing ever!

One of Mika’s people, Nuzair, told The Dodo, “She really likes attention, and she never stops to rest.”

Image courtesy of The Dodo

Kittens Get Emotional Too

But one day, as Nuzair sat down to watch a Disney movie on his computer, Mika decided she wanted to have a little rest and watch too. She crawled up on the desk and began to watch, enthralled by the animation. An idea came to Nuzair seeing Mika so wrapped up in the screen.

“I thought of playing the Mufasa death scene [from ‘The Lion King’] because I remember watching some videos on YouTube where dogs are crying during that scene,” explained Nuzair.



Knowing his kitten’s tendency for comforting others, he was curious to see if her empathy would cross into the land of fantasy. And choosing a Disney movie proved to be an excellent choice. As we all well know, Disney knows how to pull on feels!

“At first, she was distracted by the sounds of the speakers but when she settled in, I started filming it.”

Once Mika saw poor Simba’s distress as he tried to wake dead Mufasa, she rushed for the computer and started pawing at the screen. Watching with his mom, Nuzair said, “We were really surprised to see that happen. The scene is really emotional and Mika trying to comfort Simba hit real hard.”

“I was awed but at the same time really sad to see that.”


But it seems Mika recovered from the emotional blow faster than the rest of us, Nazir shared on Reddit, “Thankfully she slept after.”

Once Mika woke from her nap, she had fun with her toys, playing hard as sweet and silly kittens should!

And if you need more animals enjoying Disney movies, check out the AnimalswatchDisney Lounge on Reddit!

This is what my Kitty did while watching Lion King. from aww

Feature Image: The Dodo & u/its_nzr/Reddit

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