Just Some Cute Cats Chilling With Pumpkins For The Spooky Season

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on October 28, 2020

Cats and Halloween go together like ‘Trick or Treat’ and to celebrate the felines’ season to shine, cat parents are posting the cutest pics of their fur darlings dressed in their spooky best. Here at iHeartCats.com, we’re having a blast scrolling through all those feeds just so we can see the kitties celebrating.

One thing that screams Halloween are big, round pumpkins and the jack-o’-lanterns they become. Since we love pumpkins and cat photos, why not enjoy the season with a gallery of cats and pumpkins together!

Happy Halloween! 

Cats Chilling with Pumpkins 

Two sleek house panthers present the “First pumpkin binge of the season!”


A sweet little bat of a cat, Maple is ready for some pumpkin picking!


Is that a fluffy gray pumpkin? Let’s snuggle that sweetie pie!


“Happy Halloween from Gary, Gary’s spider, and Pete”…


Morris says October “feels sooo Gourd”….oh, you silly cat!


How purrfectly spooky!


“Mommy says pumpkins are friends not food… but a smol bite won’t hurt”…oh Kumo cutie, you can have the whole pumpkin and more! 


Seems Mira isn’t a fan of pumpkins. Wonder if she likes pumpkin spice instead?


Ruby is dressed in her best tuxedo because “it’s pumpkin time!”


Halt! Will “the cutest pumpkin in the patch” find you worthy of his pumpkins? We think so! 

The Catnip Times/Facebook

Oliver is a pumpkin cat among the pumpkins, but he’s ready to bust out his claws and carve them up!

@ ellie.and.oliver_/Instagram

A tabby tiger lays claim, “I will have this pumpkin. It is mine!”


Leo wishes to one and all, “Happy spooky season from meow to you!” 


Tony’s pumpkin has the best message of all…

The Louisiana SPCA/Facebook

Cherokee tries to explain to Rocky that pumpkins are for climbing and hiding, not licking! But the tuxedo darling still wants to know, “What does it taste like?”


Maurice needs to know, “Errrrr what is this?!”


Love and pumpkins…


“Pumpkin Season is upon us” and a fuzzy kitten feels the spooky power in his paws!


“The humans couldn’t pick just one pumpkin” and a cat named Steve doesn’t mind one bit! He’s no scaredy cat


Can you spot the mischief maker in the pumpkin? “Chewie is aptly named for his need to chew on everything”… 


Toast is a curious kitten, trying hard not eat the pumpkin, but it is so tempting!


How to carve a pumpkin, according to Dave: “Chomp Chomp”…it’s a unique style…

The Adventures of Dave/Tumblr

Miss Nell is “Halloween ready”!


Ledges and her pumpkins are counting down to Halloween and so are we!


Feature Image: @bloodbellschime/Instagram@morris_the_persian_cat/Instagram