In One Quick Click, Cute Kitty Contorts Into Creepy Cat

If you’ve ever tried to take a picture of a cat, then you know it typically goes one of a few ways.

The picture turns out to be a masterpiece of light and composition with the sweet angel that is your fur darling displayed in their full adorable glory. Or, the snap features a blurry wad of fuzz possibly feline in nature. Then, there are the photos which can be likened to a nightmare of strange angles, contorting your cat from magical to monster!

Cat mom Tiffany Miller offers solid proof of how a cat can change in a click of the lens thanks to her kitty, Willie-Jean, and her ability to charm or alarm the camera.

Cute to Creepy in a Click

Willie-Jean is a good girl who loves her family. She loves to sit in the windowsill and strike the most adorable poses.

Image Courtesy of Tiffany Miller via The Dodo

But one day, as Willie-Jean sat in her spot, something caught her eye and she responded in the silliest of ways. Both Tiffany and her daughter Sydney were tickled when Willie-Jean tilted her head to an impossible angle, her ears pointing toward the ground!

Tiffany told The Dodo, “We looked over at her and she had her head turned upside down, like she was looking at something.”

Sydney snapped a picture, catching the cute move, but the cute turned creepy in a hurry.

Image Courtesy of Sydney Miller-Wright  via The Dodo

Willie-Jean yawned as her head was still upside down, creating a mashup of maw and cat strange enough to haunt the dreams.

Tiffany’s response to Willie-Jean’s contortion? “I just choked.”

Sydney called the photo “literally what nightmares are made of.”

Image Courtesy of Sydney Miller-Wright  via The Dodo

And while terrifying, Tiffany thinks Willie-Jean would love all the attention her antics have garnered, sharing, “She’s a little diva, honestly, so I think that she would enjoy it.”

We agree, Willie-Jean would be delighted to know how many people she’s terrified! But she’s not alone in her power to frighten. Check out these other purrfectly-timed feline monsters!

From Cute to Nightmare…Real Fast

Careful, nightmare cats linger everywhere, waiting…

Sometimes all it takes to become a creepy cat is some glowing eyes…always watching…


And other times, lighting is everything when it comes to scare tactics…


Oh, what a chilling grin! But, it’s awfully cute too…


Stylishly scary!


Fangs, glowing eyes, and spooky lighting…the trifecta of feline terror!


Featured Image: Sydney Miller-Wright  via The Dodo & @sassysiberians/Instagram 

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