If Cats Could Talk: Senior Cat Tells His Humans Exactly What He Wants

So, do cats need more attention the older they get? Of course they do! As they grow old, cats do need to see the vet twice a year in order to maintain good health. Now that your cat’s a senior feline, it’s important to feed him in smaller amounts a couple of times a day to aid digestion. Try not to overfeed him because being overweight can only invite health problems.

Ensure that your cat’s sleeping area is clean and that kitty gets his daily exercise. Watch out for his teeth, you know how it is when one gets old. Have your cat’s teeth cleaned by your veterinarian when advised, and brush them at home on a regular basis. Most of all, give him extra TLC.

Yes, your cat needs plenty of love and attention the older he gets because it is the key to a healthier and more fulfilling life for your senior cat. Share this cute but educational video with others who have senior cats. I’m sure they’ll learn a tip or two. What do you think?

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