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How To Care For Your Cat Post-Surgery


Just like humans, cats need special care post-surgery. To make your cat feel the most comfortable you can once they are in recovery, there are some helpful tips you can implement to care for them just right. Here are our best tips to care for your cat post-surgery:

 12511366854_2856e92124_zSource: K-nekoTR via Flickr

1. Be Aware of Their Needs

After surgery, your cat is likely to feel groggy with low energy levels. Allow them the ample amount of time they need to perk up again, and do not expect them to be their normal self quickly. Pain along with anesthesia takes a toll on their bodies, so be sure to provide them with a nice, quiet place to retreat in peace where no one can bother them. You may want to be extra affectionate with them because you hate seeing them feeling so glum, but remember that they need time and space to get back in their groove.

10106400833_4d75dc6793_zSource: Antoine Robiez via Flickr

2. Follow Discharge Orders Exactly

This step is very important for your cat’s care. For example, your vet may recommend a certain amount of time before your cat can eat again, and you must follow these guidelines exactly as instructed. By adhering to instructions closely, this will benefit your cat on their way to a speedy recovery. The same applies for water as well as food in most cases.

 8895426939_354ce5b64f_zSource: Steve Hardy via Flickr

3. Limit Activity to a Minimum

While your cat is recovering try your best to make life as easy as possible on them. Keep food and water and sleeping quarters easily accessible to them and help to keep them from jumping up on anything or exerting too much energy. Your cat is aware that they aren’t the same as usual, but don’t let them overdo it trying to reach something they want to get to.

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