A House Cat Wakes A Bobcat & Their Reactions Are Priceless!


No matter how domesticated cats have become, they still hold the essence of their wildcat ancestors. When they stalk, hunt, pounce, and show their “cat-like reflexes” it’s like getting a glimpse at their jungle-dwelling relatives.

Take these two: a house cat wakes a bobcat who’s sleeping on the concrete outside by pawing at the window. When they see each other, their reactions are amazingly similar.

Though the bobcat is skittish for a moment, both succumb to their charming curiosity. They stop to look at each other and seem to realize, “Hey…you’re a lot like me!”

They may be domesticated, but living with a cat still means living with a clever, agile, and resourceful creature; amazing, aren’t they?!

Does your cat remind you of his/her wild relatives?

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