Healing Looks Good On Injured Cat Caught In Rat Trap

Stripes the cat’s future is so bright, she’s has to wear shades!

There’s certainly a forever home on the rescue cat’s horizon and it won’t be long before she can put can her painful past behind her thanks to Meow Village, a volunteer-based cat rescue based in Aurora, OR.

Stripes came to Meow Village after a Good Samaritan named Kristin found the skinny tabby cat in a backyard with a rat trap snapped shut on her left front paw. She managed to trap the injured feline and contacted Meow Village. The rescue posted a picture of the trap on social media, reporting the trap had “sharp, jagged edges and as a result part of her paw was cut off.”

Meow Village cat lovers shared, “We can’t imagine the pain this sweet girl endured before being rescued.”

Meow Village/Facebook

Time for Healing and Home

Once at the vet, Stripes’ paw was dressed in heavy bandages with the hope the injured food wouldn’t have to be amputated. While she didn’t lose her paw, she did need surgery to remove the bone left protruding through the skin after the trap severed part of her paw.


Meow Village said, “She’s a tough little girl. We say ‘little’ because she is severely underweight at just 5 lbs.”

But the sweet senior cat of 10-years-old is getting plenty to eat and healing well in the arms of her foster parents, Kelli and Brian, “who are showering her with love.”

Meow Village/Facebook

She’s a good and friendly cat, but Stripes wasn’t a fan of the bandages on her paw, slipping them twice. Such sneakiness got her put in a “cone of shame.” And when this didn’t please the stripy miss either, into the “delightful donut” she went! In a couple weeks, the stitches will come out of her paw, but until then, she’ll be rocking her donut.

Healing Fashion Is Beautiful

Stripes looks good in whichever donut collar she dons! Here, she models her orange slice healing wear…

Meow Village/Facebook


“A gal can never have too many fashion accessories.  Plus, she thinks her orange slice donut brings out her highlights!”

Not only does she wear the collar well, but she also rocks a pair of sunglasses too!

Meow Village/Facebook

Stripes, aka Betty Boop, has to wear them during the laser treatments which help her foot heal and she makes quite the statement in her shades. That statement? Cat rescue and adoption are just too cool!

Not only is saving cats cool, it’s magical too. Check out what the magic of adoption and rescue did for these kitties!

H/T: www.koin.com
Feature Image: Meow Village/Facebook

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