When He Puts His Paws In The Air, This Cat Is The Cutest Cheerleader Ever!


Cats are known for their quirky antics, silly stunts, and even their spontaneous desire to strike a pose! We love them for their weirdness, and this cat not only wants to entertain, she wants to be your personal cheerleader!

Every so often, Keys the cat–aka, “Goal Kitty”–reaches her paws high into the air, as if to block a goal or offer you a double high-five!

According to My Modern Met, dad Peter Mares has no explanation for Keys’ entertaining antics, but he certainly enjoys them! It seems that Mares likes to think his encouraging kitty is trying to cheer us humans through life, describing her as “Your #1 fan” on Instagram.

Check out this cheeky cheerleader:

A video posted by @goalkitty on

A photo posted by @goalkitty on

A photo posted by @goalkitty on

A photo posted by @goalkitty on

A photo posted by @goalkitty on

A photo posted by @goalkitty on

A photo posted by @goalkitty on



It looks like Peter Mares certainly scored big with this fanatic feline! Can’t get enough Goal Kitty? Follow her on social media:

Does your kitty have a silly habit? Share it with us in the comments!

Written by Karen Harris

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