He Heard Cries Coming From Under The Car. What He Discovered Broke My Heart!


A mechanic at Vann York Honda in Greensboro, NC has seen and solved many car problems. But one day, he saw something in the car that he never expected: two litters of kittens. (yes, two!)

The mechanic, Steve Byrd, got a phone call from customer who was traveling from Kentucky; she was visiting a friend in North Carolina. She called because they heard meowing in the car. So they got their car looked at by Steve, and they were shocked to see six kittens under the hood of the car. The kittens had been traveling with them from Kentucky to North Carolina! They didn’t know how the kittens got there. The poor babies were dehydrated and very hungry, so they were brought to Guilford County Animal Shelter. Watch the video below for the full story.

Unfortunately, not all the kittens survived. Three little ones died. Steve Byrd adopted one kitten, the one he first saw under the car. The other ones are available for adoption.

Share this story to help the other two kittens find a home! If you’re interested in adopting one, go to Guilford County Animal Shelter’s website or visit their Facebook Page.

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Written by Nicolette Mansueto
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