7 Life Lessons Your Cat Can Teach You

| Published on May 8, 2015

Cats have taught us a lot of life lessons. Some cat stories have pulled on our heartstrings and made us appreciate life even more; especially those who had a rough start on their life. As we look at our cats, it seems like they look so satisfied and content with their lives. Come toto think of it, maybe our cats have figured out life more than we have.

So to all you cat lovers, BuzzFeed has created a video of the 7 life lessons that our cats can teach us. They teach us lessons about grooming, dealing with strangers, and most importantly–loving our body! These lessons may be simple, but if we apply them in our day to day lives, things can be so much simpler. These lessons can also help us achieve contentment. Watch the video below and discover what life lessons your cat can teach you!

So what do you think? Has your cat taught you any life lesson that you find useful? Tell us in the comments section below!