Grateful Kitten Keeps Nuzzling The Cyclist Who Rescued Her

It’s no surprise that Viitor Fonseca, a professional cyclist from Brazil, can ride fast. But luckily, he wasn’t going too fast to overlook an abandoned kitten in need when he was on a ride last week.

Fonseca pulled over to pick up the baby, who’s future would’ve been uncertain if she was left on her own.

But with no backpack or basket to place her in, there was only one option: his shirt! So, he pulled down the zipper and tucked the kitten inside, where she stayed snuggly for the rest of the ride.

“Saving a little life today,” Fonseca wrote on Facebook.

Along the way, the tiny tabby continued to pop out of her cocoon to give her rescuer kisses and nuzzles!

“I love [her].”

According to The Dodo, it wasn’t long before Fonseca found the kitten a forever family. We bet she’ll make a wonderfully affectionate, loving companion!

We’re so glad that this big-hearted athlete took the time to rescue this sweet kitty – what a great example to his fans!

Written by Karen Tietjen

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