Furry Friends Are Adorably Obsessed With New Cat Video Game, Stray

Humans are falling in love with the new cat video game called Stray, but the product has picked up a lot of unlikely fans too. As it turns out, real-life pets are just as obsessed with the game as their humans are.

Lots of pet parents are turning to social media to share videos of their furry friends’ reactions to the game. Most clips are of cats staring at the TV as if there’s a real cat inside. Or perhaps they’re just happy to see more cat representation in the video game industry.

A Game for Cat Lovers

Stray came out on July 19th, 2022, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows. In the game, you get to play as a stray cat trying to solve mysteries in a robot-filled city. Players get to explore the world, interact with a variety of characters, and solve puzzles.

Annapurna Interactive, the game’s publisher, also wanted to help homeless cats in real life. So, they gave game codes to Nebraska Humane Society and Cats Protection and asked them to give them to people who donated. The giveaway has already concluded, but animal lovers are still encouraged to donate.

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The main character looks like a realistic cat, especially with the meows and his urge to scratch furniture. It’s hard for cat lovers not to fall in love with the one-of-a-kind game. However, the developers might not have anticipated the overwhelming support from the four-legged audience too.

Just like how dogs barking on TV piques the interest of real pets, this video game is intriguing to our furry family members. When the cat is walking around the screen, many people’s pet cats approach it curiously. Some felines even block their human’s view because they want a closer look at the animated cat.

Pets are Obsessed!

Of course, it’s hard not to record your pet when they’re being adorable. So, a lot of people have filmed their cats and dogs watching the video game and posted them online. The trend is especially popular on Twitter and TikTok. Someone even made a Twitter account called “Cats Watching Stray” that only posts these adorable videos.

Some of the pets in the posts admired the cat video game from a distance, while others got a front-row seat. Many of the cats sitting in front of the TV also swatted at the screen to get the character’s attention. These interactions are likely a distraction for the people playing, but these cats are too cute to shoo away.

It’s great to have hobbies that you can share with your pet, but video games don’t normally come to mind. This game is rising in popularity right now because animals and humans alike are in love with it!

Featured Image: Twitter

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