Funny Cats On Catnip: The Photos And The Facts

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on August 12, 2021

Watching a cat get wild on catnip never gets old. And thanks to social media, the catnip content is always refreshing with posts that promise to keep you laughing. If your kitty is one that enjoys the nip, grab your camera and add to the pixelated fun.

And to help you get the camera roll filing, here’s a few tips for catching the purrfect pictures of your cat enjoying a catnip session. First thing to remember, be sure you have plenty of lighting on your subject. It’s hard to capture clear photos when lighting conditions are dim, especially if the subject is moving. So, lift the blinds for some natural light. If taking pictures with your smartphone, try shooting video of your cat’s play and screenshot frames from the clip. This approach can sometimes prove much easier than trying to get one perfect shot of the blur that is your catnip kitty. If you’re shooting with a digital SLR camera, give ‘Sports Mode’ a whirl to freeze frame your cat’s high action. However you capture those cat pics, they’re going to be great, because cats on catnip are always a joy to behold.

But there’s far more to this cat magnet than just a silly time and great cat photos! So, while you enjoy these pictures of funny cats on their good herb, find some fun facts about catnip sprinkled throughout as you scroll.

Cats on Catnip Will Make You Chuckle

“Look who found the catnip while I was out…”

Catnip Fact: Catnip is a perennial herb in the mint family.

The Three Stooges love their homegrown! 2 out of 3 tongues approve and the third probably does too.

Grey the Great Dane needs everyone to know it can happen in your home too, “I found out today that my sister does CATNIP. Can you believe this? A drug addict in my own home. I’m shocked.”

“Gave my cat some catnip and left the house, came back to this.”

Catnip Fact: Kittens typically don’t feel the effects of catnip until 6 months old.

“Cat tree came with catnip…he found the catnip first.”

Minnie’s morning workout,” catnip kicker bunny kicks until the high burns out!

Catnip Fact: Reactions to catnip are caused by a hereditary gene and an estimated 1/3 of felines don’t inherit it. If your cat doesn’t react to catnip or you want to give kitty an extra-charged treat, try silvervine!

“All I did was shake the bag of catnip.”

Pawla says, “I think I’ve had too much catnip.”

“Mac licking the rug while in a catnip stupor.”

Catnip Fact: Catnip contains nepetalactone, an oil within the plant that’s responsible for kitty’s silly or sedated behavior.

Nip and a Nap!

“Did someone say catnip?!?!”

Catnip Fact: Catnip reactions last roughly ten minutes and usually lead to a good nap.

“Just my cat enjoying some catnip in the sun. He was seriously sleeping like this!”

Cem got ready for a Caturday party with the good stuff!

Catnip Fact: Make sure you give your cat some toys that don’t have catnip. It doesn’t need to be something they have access to all the time as cats can build up a tolerance. Having catnip all the time, in all their toys takes away the special treat this fragrant herb is meant to provide.

“My friend had to hide the catnip cigar due to level 10 freakout.”

“Chewy found where the catnip was being grown. This is him sitting in the planter high as heck…”

Catnip Fact: Only give your cat a pinch. While cats can’t overdose on catnip, too much of a good thing can make their tummies queasy or even make them kind of cranky.

“We made the mistake of giving DJ Strawberry catnip…”

“The cat that found the stash!”

Catnip Fact: Catnip doesn’t have an expiration date, but will lose potency over time. Store catnip in airtight containers and place in the freezer for maximum freshness.

“I introduced my cat to catnip today…”

“My kitten found the catnip drawer and immediately had an existential crisis.”

Catnip Fact: Treat your cat to real freshness and grow a catnip plant at home. Use organic soil and be sure to use a weighted pot as kitty will get frisky and knock over an unstable plant. Saucer-style planters often work well.

A “catnip sesh” for Sushi…

Just some Gingerbois vibin’ and then, “the catnip hits like a freight train.”

Cat Fact: Try to avoid catnip with stems as they might poke feline mouths if they like to eat it. A fine ground blend of blossoms and leaves are just what kitty needs.

“Forgot I had catnip growing,” but the mini-panther didn’t. 

Lia admits purroudly, “Yes; I was on catnip and it was good.”

Catnip Fact: Buy catnip from reputable sources to ensure you’re getting the best quality product for your cat.

Feature Image: u/janisjoplinsjewelry/Reddit & @pawla_cat/Instagram

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