Food Assistance For Pet Parents Struggling With Pandemic Hardships

A program in Lamoille County, VT, aims to help feed the cats and dogs of those struggling with Covid-19 hardships.

North Country Animal League of Morrisville understands how important our furry family members are. They know many people have depended on their pets’ company to get through the Covid-19 pandemic and the accompanying lockdowns. NCAL also realizes the hardships brought on by the pandemic, and they want to help feed the important furry family members of those in need.

Beginning as a food pantry, NCAL Meals is “an assistance program that will provide clients with delivered pet food for their companion animals at no cost to them.”

North Country Animal League/Facebook

To receive NCAL Meals assistance, you must meet eligibility requirements:

  • Only cats and dogs are eligible.
  • You must be a permanent resident of Lamoille County, VT, as NCAL “cannot deliver meals outside of Lamoille County.”
  • Eligible families are limited to 3 pets in this program.
  • An application must be fully completed and approved before the use of services can begin. Apply online or download a PDF.
  • Participants and members of the household cannot have any animal neglect or cruelty charges against them.

North Country Animal League/Facebook

Donating to the NCAL Meals Stock

NCAL Meals relies on the giving spirit of the community and asks for your help. They are requesting donations of “unopened dry or wet dog and cat food.” These can be dropped off at the NCAL shelter, Tractor Supply, Menard’s Family True Value in Morrisville, Dogs Etc., Shaw’s Supermarket, and Mac’s Market in Stowe.

For more information, email or call 802-888-5065 X101.

North Country Animal League/Facebook

Finding Help in Your Area

The North Country Animal League isn’t the only rescue group providing food help for pets. Groups across the country are pitching in to help people feed their cats and dogs during the pandemic. To find help in your area, contact local animal shelters and rescue groups. Also search the internet for pet food assistance programs.

You can also visit these online resources:

North Country Animal League/Facebook

If you’re interested in donating pet food or cash to assistance programs, contact local animal rescues as well as your local government to find any information about food drives and banks that benefit animals in need. Searching social media for service clubs is also an option as these groups often hold drives to gather supplies for community members in need, the cats and dogs included.

Together, we will get through this!

Feature Image: North Country Animal League/Facebook

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