Karen Gave Up Her Feral Cat Ways When She Learned How To Cuddle

| Published on March 1, 2024

Once a cat not keen on being touched, Karen is a former feral who discovered the magic of cuddles thanks to foster care love. But when she was first rescued from the streets by Puppy Kitty NYCity, she wasn’t what you’d call a friendly lady. If someone tried to offer a gentle touch, Karen would put on her best annoyed face and raise her paw in warning. At least she remained polite in her displeasure. She could have swatted, hissed, and then asked to see a manager!

With lots of TLC, Karen learned she’s a snuggle bug at heart. She loves to cuddle with her foster parents, and she’s isn’t shy about demanding the attention she deserves!

Karen Demands Her Daily Snuggles

In a recent episode of Cat Crazy from The Dodo, foster mom Mackenzie showed us how she’s learned to navigate life with Karen and her constant demands for cuddles. But her struggles with this clingy kitty are anything but a problem. The joy in Mackenzie’s smile says just how much she loves Karen’s nagging!

Good thing, because every morning starts with a serenade of cat song as Karen’s request for cuddles begins. The good cat mom she is, Mackenzie will climb back in bed for a snuggle fest, sharing, “Always when the cuddles start, that’s when the meowing stops.”

The meowing may stop, but the biscuit-making is just getting started! Silly Karen loves to knead her paws on Mackenzie’s neck. She was shocked the first time Karen did it, but now, the paw action happens all the time as it’s “one of her most favorite activities.”

“I can’t get anything done in the morning, and I basically start every day already late,” said Mackenzie.

But that’s okay when a cute cat needs your attention!

As a senior editor and producer with The Dodo, Mackenzie works from home, and while Karen has been in her care, she’s gained the cutest little assistant at the computer. This good cat helps her foster mom find the best cat TikToks.

But when Mackenzie’s boyfriend, Jackson, comes home from work, Karen begins her purrsistent tirade on him. Like Mackenzie, Jackson is happy to give Karen the love she demands. Then, they all enjoy dinner together, with Karen back in Mackenzie’s lap. And when it’s time to watch a little television, Karen gets comfy with Jackson and covers him in kitty kisses.

Isn’t that a nice day? Karen sure thinks so, keeping her days running on this well-planned snuggle schedule.

The Difference Fostering Makes

From Karen’s first days in Puppy Kitty NYCity’s care to now, Mackenzie often can’t believe the difference in this formal feral cat. She came to the rescue sick and standoffish, but because she spent so much time getting well and getting love, Karen realized her lovebug nature. And because she’s so thankful, she wants to lavish the world with her cuddly love!

“She went from sick street cat to one of the snuggliest, happiest cats in all of the land because all her incredible previous fosters showed her what love is,” shared Mackenzie.

Check out a day in the life of Karen in this adorable video!

H/T: The Dodo/YouTube
Feature Image: @mackenzie_the_dodo/Instagram