Family Thinks They Rescued A Kitten…But They’re In For A Big Surprise!

| Published on March 26, 2016

A family from London got a shock last week when they found out that the kitten they rescued wasn’t a kitten at all! They found the tiny creature in their garden with dead littermates nearby and no sign of the mother. They decided to take on the responsibility of caring for it and took it to their veterinary clinic to get some advice to make sure they could do it correctly.



During an examination the veterinarian discovered that the baby was actually a female fox cub! She was estimated to be around 3-4 days old.


The clinic contacted a local fox rescue, who came to pick her up. The rescue will raise her in special conditions with minimal human contact. Raising her like that will allow her to be transitioned to a natural life in the wild when she gets old enough to thrive on her own.