Family Rescues A Kitten For Their Dying Daughter & Find That It Rescues Them Right Back

While 12-year-old Kylie Myers was battling metastatic bone cancer she asked her parents for a kitten. They thought it was best to wait until she was well again, but sadly, that was not to be.

Kylie’s doctors found that the disease had spread throughout her body – it was a terminal diagnosis. Here is the heartfelt story of what happened when the Myers family rescued a kitten named Liza.

Nothing can fill the void of a loved one lost, but the pure, innocent love of a pet can certainly help ease the pain. Liza, like many cats, seemed to intuit just what Kylie needed from her, and in her absence, how to help the rest of the family heal.

This film is part of a ongoing series called Mutual Rescue created by the Humane Society Silicon Valley. The initiative hopes to shed light on the healing power of the human-animal bond and promote animal rescue.

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