Boy Meets Disabled Sphynx Kitten, Says She ‘Feels Like Warm Play-Doh’

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on January 31, 2024

Elphie, a unique and lovable Sphynx cat, has a multifaceted personality that keeps her foster mom, Pei, laughing daily. With her regal appearance, Elphie is an inspiration to all who meet her. Despite her challenges, Elphie’s resilience and zest for life are nothing short of remarkable. Rescued from a backyard breeder, Elphie was discovered by a neighborhood rescuer who noticed the kitten dragging her back legs and looking desperately in need of help. The rescuer reached out to the founder of Baby Cat Rescue, who agreed to take Elphie in without hesitation. They then reached out to Pei because of all her experience with special needs cats.

Upon arrival, it was evident that Elphie was suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection, which led to a loss of appetite. She was severely underweight and needed medical attention. To help Elphie breathe and recover, she was placed in an incubator with a nebulizer. During this time, Pei learned how to express her manually and care for her unique needs. Once Elphie’s condition improved, she was moved to a playpen in Pei’s office, where she could be loved, snuggled, and never feel alone.

Soon, Elphie was well enough to go on an adventure outside her foster home. When a young boy met Elphie, he was astonished by how she felt and remarked, “She feels like warm Play-Doh.” Pei was like, “You’re right!”

Now a year old, Elphie has come a long way in her journey to recovery. Her first ten months were a roller coaster, but she is now more stable than ever. She loves playing fetch for hours and wears a diaper to protect her sensitive skin. As a Sphynx, Elphie also requires a sweater to keep her warm since she lacks fur.

Elphie’s determination is evident in her ability to climb stairs and chase other resident cats around, despite her physical challenges. She has no idea that she’s any different from other cats, and her spirit serves as a reminder that ‘special needs kitties can live long, full, and loving lives.’

Elphie is the longest foster Pei has ever had and one with the most needs. When the time comes for Elphie to find her forever home, the adoption process will be rigorous to ensure she ends up in the right environment. But until then, Elphie will continue to bring joy and laughter to Pei’s life. For updates on Elphie, follow Pei and her foster adventures on Instagram by clicking here.

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