Movement In Trashed Backpack On Conveyor Belt About To Be Crushed

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on January 29, 2024

On a seemingly ordinary day, Barry, a worker at a recycling plant, sorted items on a conveyor belt. While separating trash from items to be recycled, Barry noticed a child’s backpack. He didn’t think much of it and watched as it headed down the belt. But something came over the man– an intuitive nagging in his gut. He looked closer at the bag before it went over the edge to be crushed. He could swear he saw it move! He grabbed the backpack as quickly as he could and brought it over to a nearby table.

Barry then heard tiny whimpers as he unzipped the backpack. Hidden inside were three tiny kittens. They were mere moments away from being crushed! Amazed by the miraculous discovery, Barry shouted to his coworkers. They came rushing over to see the precious kittens. Barry picked up the little Ginger cat and affectionately named her Treasure. The coworkers named the other kittens Luna and Sunny.

All three kittens were brought inside the break room. Barry, already in love with Treasure, decided to adopt her. The plant manager agreed to allow Luna and Sunny to stay at the factory until they found their forever homes. Thankfully, a family heard about the miracle kittens and stepped up to adopt both Luna and Sunny. While the kittens had a horrific start in life, all three received loving homes where they’re living happily.

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