Clyde The Dog Wants A Kitten In This Hilarious Video

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on January 1, 2020

Some say dogs and cats don’t mix, but Clyde the dog wholeheartedly disagrees in a video dubbed by Andrew Grantham.

In the video “Dog Wants A Kitty”, viewers are treated to Clyde the dog getting excited over a kitten friend. But first, his human dad gives him a good teasing.

The video opens with Clyde learning his dad went to the pet store. Clyde is excited because he knows the kitten he wants would have come from there. Hearing of his dad’s trip, he bounds around happy as can be because he thinks he’s getting his kitten. A tabby girl in orange to be exact.

screenshot, Talking Animals/YouTube

But, his dad tells him to wait just one minute.

Poor Clyde stops to listen about the different critters at the pet store. He is first told about the snakes his dad saw, to which Clyde says “bleh”. His dad tells him about the hamsters, guinea pigs, and even newts at the pet store. Clyde responds with curious ‘yeahs’ to all these animals, but when dad mentions kittens…he jumps around in excitement.

But, his dad doesn’t stop there. He mentions hermit crabs and an exasperated Clyde exclaims, “Oh, come on!”

screenshot, Talking Animals/YouTube

Clyde warns he’s “gonna chew this couch’s arms right off” if he doesn’t get his kitten.

Will Clyde Get His Kitten Or Is the Couch in Trouble?

Luckily, a little kitten’s meow is heard and Clyde freezes in disbelief. Oh, but the teasing isn’t done. He thinks dad is about to make him sit through another recap! Silly Clyde just about loses it.

But dad has good news. “There were shelter kittens, so I picked one up.”

screenshot, Talking Animals/YouTube

Clyde goes bananas at the reveal! “No way! You got me a cat!”

With over 41 million views on YouTube, its safe to say the kitten-loving Clyde is totally aww-worthy.

Recognize the Voice?

Watching the video and hearing the conversation between Clyde and his human, you may recognize the voice from another funny talking animal video. Remember the “Utlimate Dog Tease” video, in which a hungry hound is teased about bacon? The voice in that viral hit is the same one heard here.

Andrew Grantham is The King of Dub.

His animal dubbing fun started with “Cats Talking, Translation” and from there, he’s given the world several viral videos of dubbed hilarity.

To create the video dubs, Grantham told Fast Company he sits back with the sound off to catch a story. In this video of a silly hound bouncing around a living room, obviously excited about something, Grantham envisioned Clyde the dog excited because he wants a kitten.

We’re so glad Grantham saw Clyde getting a kitten, because as cat lovers, we get excited for fuzzy sweetlings too!

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Feature Image: screenshot, Talking Animals/YouTube