Woman Brings Home A Kitten Her Husband Didn’t Want

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on February 22, 2024

Roza, a woman who was about to leave Dubai after vacation to return home, discovered a tiny kitten in a terrible living situation. The little kitten was living in a dirty, unsuitable environment, and Roza knew she couldn’t just leave him there. Even though she was 35 weeks pregnant and had only two days left before her flight, Roza decided to take action. Upon visiting the kitten, Roza found that he was not only in need of a better home, but he was also incredibly affectionate.

The kitten didn’t even want to eat – all he wanted was cuddles. Despite her difficult situation, Roza couldn’t bear to leave the kitten behind, so she returned in the evening to bring him a box with a blanket. The next morning, Roza took the kitten to the vet, where he was boarded for a short time. Roza then flew home. That evening, a foster showed up and offered to take the kitten in for a few days. Everything seemed to be falling into place for the little furball.

Meanwhile, a woman named Claire in the UK saw a video of the kitten on social media and immediately fell in love with him. She showed her husband a picture of the kitten, now named Alvin, and asked if they could adopt him. He initially said no, believing they already had enough animals. However, Claire couldn’t get the kitten out of her mind and eventually contacted Roza to express her interest in adopting him.

With everything arranged, Alvin was set to fly from Dubai to the UK. The woman who wanted to adopt Alvin hadn’t yet told her husband about the adoption, but when she finally did, he was surprised but supportive. On the day of Alvin’s arrival, the woman eagerly tracked his flight and excitedly went to collect him.

When she first saw Alvin, she was surprised at how tiny he was. However, from day one, Alvin settled right into his new home and displayed a strong, resilient character. Despite being a rescue and living the way he had, Alvin was not timid at all. He quickly became fascinated with the washing machine and displayed a unique personality that his new family adored. Thanks to Roza’s intervention and the love of his new family, Alvin went from living on the streets of Dubai to having a loving home in the UK.

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