Shelter Kitten Held Out His Paw Wanting A Hug And A Home

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on February 21, 2024

While most potential adopters enter a shelter intending to choose the right animal for them, there are times when an animal chooses them instead. When a young couple decided to volunteer at a local animal shelter, they never anticipated meeting a creature as endearing and captivating as they did. Little did the volunteers know, they would completely fall for a charming Tabby kitten named Charlie. This kitten, who had been found wandering the streets and subsequently brought to the shelter, possessed captivatingly large eyes that immediately drew attention.

Charlie was placed with a foster family until he reached an age suitable for adoption. Upon his return to the shelter as an adoptable pet, his delightful appearance and endearing demeanor immediately caught everyone’s eye. His thick, soft fur, striking patterns, and intelligent, somewhat melancholic gaze quickly endeared him to many, including the couple.

From the moment the kitten caught the woman’s eye, she was overwhelmed with affection for him. Watching Charlie reach out for attention with a paw through his cage was more than she could resist. The shelter volunteer recounted how she fell deeply for the lovely kitten at first sight. Holding him in her arms, she knew she couldn’t let him go. The kitten seemed to agree with her choice, making it clear he felt they were meant to be together. “He chose us right on our first day of work at the shelter,” the woman explained.

Bringing Charlie home, they experienced what she described as a ‘cuddle fest.’ Charlie affectionately rubbed his face against his new mom, stretched, and then cozied up even closer by laying on her neck. He also took to climbing up on his dad’s shoulders, where he felt safe and secure. Since coming home, Charlie has continuously expressed his gratitude and affection. He often stands on his back legs, wraps his front paws around his parents’ necks, and nuzzles them, a gesture both heartwarming and utterly adorable.

The couple remains amazed that their initial day at the shelter led them to the kitten who would become a beloved member of their family. It’s not hard to see– this appealing and affectionate cat could easily win over anyone’s heart.

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