CattyCorner: Clever Cat Gets Locked Out Of Bathroom & Exacts Revenge

Greetings my pawsome human minions.

Does your cat follow you into the bathroom? Of course he does, it’s what we cats do. But, as a fine tabby cat myself, I can see where humans might be confused by our need to follow you into your deluxe litter box accommodations.

There are a few motivations behind wanting to be in the bathroom with you. First, we like to be with you and when a door is closed that prevents us from being together. Secondly, kitties can feel vulnerable without access to you.

It can also be said that cats love a captive audience and when you’re on the throne, we have you right where we want you. Plus, cats like a cool spot, and the tile of a bathroom floor is usually nice under the fur.


There are quite a few reasons for wanting to be in the bathroom with you, but let’s not forget a big drive behind a lot of feline behaviors is curiosity. What are you doing in there? We need to know!

It should also be remembered, the house is our territory and everything within its bounds belongs to the feline. When locked out of an area we see as ours, cats are going to make a ruckus. And Theo the tuxedo is a cat who was just following his instincts after he was shut out of the bathroom in a viral video on TikTok.

Theo’s Revenge Goes Viral

I like TikTok. It’s amusing. Humans cutting the fool in high-energy clips with music and sparkly effects. What’s not to love? My mom agrees, so she shares the best videos with me. And recently, she and I were both cackling over the cat that wanted in the bathroom. Which I totally understand as my dad closes the bathroom door when he’s doing his business.

I don’t care for being locked out for the above-mentioned reasons, but Dad’s argument remains the same, “I don’t need a cat watching me take a poo.”

To which I would like to respond, “You watch me in the litter pan and then collect my poops in your little scooper, whisking them away to someone unknown place.” I’m hoping the trash because I might worry if my pawerents were keeping my poops for some strange reason. And humans think cats are weird!

But I digress.


Back to the cat gone viral. Theo’s mom, Maddie, posted the video of her insistent cat on TikTok with the explanation, “Theo gets really upset if I don’t bring him in the bathroom w me.”

Understandably, I say!

As you’ll see in the video, Theo turns his ire into brilliant revenge by slipping his deft paws under the door and hooking the bathmat. Once the treasure is captured in his claws, he hauls it out of the room!


Here’s a picture of Theo his mom grabbed by slipping her phone under the door so we might see how he looks as he’s waiting on the other side. Bask in his brilliant glory!


Lots of Love for Theo, and Hopefully Snacks

Mom and I aren’t the only two amused by Theo’s cunning. With 2.8 million views on TikTok and more than 366,000 likes, it’s safe to say a good portion of the world enjoyed Theo’s revenge!

Hopefully, mom Maddie fed Theo some snacks after the trauma of being locked out of the bathroom!

And to this hope, I also wish to issue the reminder to all the cat parents…don’t forget to feed the cat.

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Feature Image: @m_clayclay/TikTok

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