15 Cats Who Will Stop At Nothing To Get Your Attention

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on May 21, 2015

Cats can be quite demanding when they want something–especially when it’s attention from their owner. Sit back and laugh at these funny cats who will stop at nothing to get your attention:

5468242822_871a802204_zSource: Niklas Pivic via Flickr

I’m going to stare at you like this until you stop what you are doing and pet me.

1241836028_59ef7359fc_zSource: Ewan McIntosh via Flickr

Yeah, that’s right. I’m watching you.

7793154052_5c074589ac_zSource: Goneys via Flickr

What? This isn’t meant for relaxing?

4104855757_7a54281628_z-2Source: Teodora Vasileva via Flickr

Ha Ha! Made you look.

6244125267_93c1705cec_zSource: antony griffiths via Flickr

So, is this how hypnosis works?

8714511_0094478cd1_zSource: fihu via Flickr

Look deep into my eyes…

6911481256_83c686a5ba_zSource: Jennuine Captures via Flickr

Was this yours?

3183878911_ce6966ab26_zSource: debra via Flickr

Okay, so if you can’t see me now then you’re just blind.

8293477008_7ebaef725f_zSource: Alex Ulanov via Flickr

I said look at me!

6759245781_7921be45e8_z-2Source: Byron Chin via Flickr

You are not doing any more work. Period.

530220408_762240762e_zSource: thew…g via Flickr

If your turn this thing on one more time we are through.

2048260544_0797fb8f9e_zSource: Maggie Osterberg via Flickr

I will not be ignored.

2774678796_55ea420a7b_zSource: Roopesh Sheth via Flickr

I am not moving from this spot until you feed me.

16243992195_bb670179ab_zSource: Stuart Rankin via Flickr

If you don’t see me, now you will hear me.

3458601254_2b3edd0517_zSource: Jason Grey via Flickr

Try to move the chair, just try me.

2195252845_ea91abfef8_zSource: jennconspiracy via Flickr

Were you looking for something?

381856165_8b6b1dd3ac_zSource: snaulkter via Flickr

Yoohoo, got your attention now, didn’t I?

2311240038_20f77de4af_zSource: emma.maria via Flickr

If I look this adorable they have to notice me.

5495439601_3b0506648a_zSource: :Salihan via Flickr

Hey, I was reading this first!

446528371_15addebbfb_zSource: minxlj via Flickr

I think my separation anxiety has gone to a new extreme.

 4137570177_92898a75d6_zSource: Immortel via Flickr

It’s mine now!

5855869662_47dfac24fc_zSource: Devon D’Ewart via Flickr

I’m finding a way to get to you if it’s the last thing I do!

8606814965_be44202a62_zSource: Rubbertoe (Robert Batina) via Flickr

I just don’t get what you see in this show.

6785459656_80d414c62f_zSource: Trish Hamme via Flickr

This cat carrier can kiss my fluffy …

6973962782_b07e1302b9_zSource: TRF_Mr_Hyde via Flickr

Let’s see you try and reach for a chip now, buddy.