7 Fun Facts That You Won’t Expect From Your Cats! You’ll Be Surprised!

If you’re a cat person, you might think that you know everything about your cats! However, what you are about to know will absolutely spike your interest. The cat purr for example, did you know that there are different meaning in their purrs? You just have to be very particular on the pitch of each purr! Another interesting fact that would interest you is their cat knead! You might be thinking that they’re being sweet but they’re actually marking their scents! How cool is that! Lastly, don’t feed your cats with sweets because they won’t even appreciate it! Their taste buds lost their ability to taste sweets so that nothing will distract them from the taste of meat! If you want to know more fun facts about your cat, click the video below!

These are “good to know” facts about cats! Every cat owner must watch this! Please leave a comment if this clip did made you realize something about your cats!

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