Cats Use Powers Of ‘Purrsuasion’ To Hustle Humans

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on April 20, 2020

Ever heard the term shyster? defines the term as “A shyster is someone who might rip you off or do something unethical in order to get his way.”

And the word captures the craftiness of cats at their very essence, but in a cute way, not the yucky way of true jerks. But why are humans willing dupes for kitty cats? The answer is simple, while cats con us to get their way, it’s all in the interest of settling into what they deem a happy and safe place.

And for that honor, this cat lover will happily play the fool in a cat’s con.

Like this fluffy cat conman, for instance…

Lizzy Sheffer via This Cat is CHONKY/Facebook

In a post to the Facebook group, This Cat is CHONKY, one cat lover shared how she fell for a cat’s act. “We thought this cat was just a neighborhood feral cat, and no one was taking care of him, until he showed up on our patio shaved and in a sweater”.

This Cat is CHONKY/Facebook

Seeing the cat in his dapper wear, the caring cat lady realized they’d been hustled by the cat.

And then there’s this pair, who most certainly had a scam running on this guy.

A little more searching revealed the true identity of the cats, Tigger and Roo, and while the kitty siblings weren’t running a scam on a guy, the story behind the twin cats in this funny meme does sound like a plan cats would craft.

Cats are master conmen and the hashtag #notmycat reveals lots of humans happily duped by cats.

Just like this “dramatic” cat who was invited in to get dry and decided to stay, finding a peaceful place to nap…


Here’s a tabby cat who found someone else’s patio furniture just fine for her own purrposes…


Cats and cars aren’t usually a mix, but this ginger cat sensed a car ride would lead him forever home. And that’s how you get a cat!

Cats will take any opportunity to lay claim to what they decide is theirs, houses included as one person learned. “I went to take the garbage out and a cat ran into my house and won’t leave. Is this how you get a cat?” Lounging on the couch together looks like this new cat parent couldn’t help being conned into letting a ginger tab stay…

Neither of these cats belong to this house. But looks like one conned her way in while the other is still plotting his move…

Carrie Lawsterbunny via ‎My house, not my cat/Facebook

A sweet grey tabby found a comfy spot, but rather than getting kicked out, the little “flooflet” turned on the conman charm. Bet that baby got to stay…


And this majestic fluff has the ultimate game going…two human families to cater to her cat whims. Smart girl, I’d want to stick around for that view too…


So the bottom line? Cats see a spot that looks cozy and then turn on the charm to get their way. Conmen or experts at the power of purrsuasion, call them what you want, cats are the masters of getting their way and we love them for it!

Feature Images: @tigger_roo/Instagram & @davejnash/Instagram