Cat’s Selfie Shots Take Social Media By Storm

Behold! The new social media phenomenon is a kitty lovers’s dream!

Introducing: The Selfie Cat.

And the star of this feline photography? Meet Manny, the mastermind behind Instagram’s selfie sensation.

While cat selfies are not a new social media trend, Manny’s cheeky shots have taken the internet by storm. The viral nature of this particular tabby’s posts may be because of his purrrfect selfie-snapping angle, perhaps in combination with the high-res photos and the overall beauty of the photography. An article by Daily Mail hypothesizes that the kitty’s canine cronies posing in the background of the first widely circulated shot helped with browse-appeal, and we agree: the more cute animals, the better!


#gopro#groupselfie 😹

A photo posted by @yoremahm on

 While Instagram user @yoremahm makes it clear that his stunning photography is taken with his GoPro (a camera used for action shots), it’s hard to tell exactly where he, Manny, and the gang live. The scenery in the photos on his Instagram page range from mystical forests to tropical beaches to a winter paradise, the only shot with an exact location being one of the Chicago skyline. Either @yoremahm’s home is in a seasonal wonderland filled with beautiful animals, or he–and perhaps his furry friends, too–travels a fair amount.  

😼📸 #selfiecat #GoPro A photo posted by @yoremahm on

From the video below, Manny’s intrigue in the GoPro is evident as he reaches up toward the lense, presumably with his owner on the other end of the camera. We can probably assume this is what gets him into “selfie position,” but the exact secrets of the selfie-cat have yet to be revealed…

#gopro#selfiecat A video posted by @yoremahm on

 And in the midst of the mystery of Manny’s home and photography techniques, all we know for sure is that we can’t stop looking.  

  😽 when cats do #duckface 😹 #selfiecat #gopro   A photo posted by @yoremahm on

😽 when cats do #duckface 😹 #selfiecat #gopro

A photo posted by @yoremahm on

Check out @yoremahm on Instagram for more!

(Feature photo  adapted from @yoremahm via Instagram.)

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