Cats Really Can Sleep Anywhere

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on January 26, 2015

For an animal that sleeps up to 16 hours a day, it’s no surprise that some cats can find a comfortable sleeping place just about anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s the strangest of places or the most awkward of positions, these cats can cozy up just about anywhere. See for yourself:

2847283320_6fbfcde761_zSource: Phae via Flickr

If I fit into it then it’s fair game.

4229252159_f145edaa64_zSource: Ernesto De Quesada via Flickr

I didn’t realize how comfortable this could be.

2085334383_4ca9436061_zSource: Lukas Bryson via Flickr

Wake me up when it’s over.

6847330338_5e7ba39ab7_zSource: lullypop via Flickr

Finally, the perfect position.

8633374375_361d8f7523_zSource: debra via Flickr

Did you need to get in here?

Source: fiatlux via Flickr

5051314369_12d3d29c01_zSource: Chriss Haight Pagani via Flickr

Narcolepsy strikes again.

6906920090_d270340317_zSource: David McKelvey via Flickr

I was going to help you clean but this seemed like a better idea.

4714737836_2205d619ba_zSource: Alisha Vargas via Flickr

Experts say a firm bed is actually better for you.

13992803246_0998b7740e_zSource: Rick Cameron via Flickr


3265624772_8615217dbe_zSource: Mary-Frances Main via Flickr

I like cuddling, so what?

994116489_078936becf_zSource: Joseph Younis via Flickr

If you wake me I’m never speaking to you again.

16020876260_12b561e2c0_zSource: stratman² (2 many pix!) via Flickr

You can get your work papers out later.

5403466485_ae50fd5d64_zSource: Ian Barbour via Flickr

Optimal coziness? Check.

SONY DSCSource: Alexandra Guerson via Flickr

I can’t possibly stay awake with a tummy this full.

10447974785_64aa84451d_zSource:PINKÉ via Flickr

The humans will never find me now.

6328046987_a2c43e80bf_zSource: AFOP via Flickr

I’m going to stay right here until they open this door.

8074330512_2286b3c3a4_zSource: Daviddje via Flickr

Don’t you dare turn this thing on.

525959046_e87b8e5f50_zSource: Cat via Flickr

Pregnancy makes a woman so sleepy, I swear.

1415906928_570d5213c8_z-2Source: Phil via Flickr

I really hope this thing is unplugged.

911507775_6141569203_zSource: Honey Bunny via Flickr

One person’s junk is another one’s treasure.