Cat Breeds With Dog-Like Qualities

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on January 26, 2015

Some cats may come across as timid and reserved, while other cats are outgoing and playful without a shy bone in their entire body. For certain breeds, there seem to be some that possess dog-like qualities that you may find surprising. Here’s a list of cat breeds with dog-like qualities that can provide you with the best of both worlds:


1. The Manx

This commonly known tailless cat is rather friendly and loves more than anything to be around people. Because of their love for the human kind, the Manx has become often referred to as the “dog-cat” of the feline world. The Manx responds well to commands, such as the all important word “no”, and will have no problems coming when their name is called or even whistled. Shockingly there are Manx that have been reported to growl at unexpected noises, as they are very protective of their loved ones inside the home–awe!

5351857019_1d09d4c0ef_zSource: Nickolas Titkov via Flickr

2. Abyssinian

This ticked-coat cutie is rather unique in that they strongly prefer human companionship and will not do well without it. If you were to leave an Abyssinian alone for too long while away from the home, don’t be surprised if you come home to found a house in shambles after an anxiety-riddled Abyssinian went berserk. This dog-like cat can even fetch, be easily leash trained, and follow their owners around just as a dog would!

2935494534_c49888b609_zSource: Robert Couse-Baker via Flickr

3. The Burmese

Burmese are known for being very friendly towards all members of the home–whether it be children or adults. This breed craves attention from humans the way a dog would, and can even be found waiting by their bowl for food when it’s empty. Because of their need for dependance on their owners, the Burmese does not do well in homes where they will often be left unattended.

9297028474_6c11c3ed70_zSource: Shaun Dunphy via Flickr

4. Bengals

These exotic shorthaired felines are so dog-like it’s scary! Similarities include: love of water, attention, vocalness when something is desired, need/demand of owner’s attention, trainability for tricks and high activity levels. With all those amazing dog-like traits, it’s no wonder why Bengals are loved by so many all over the world.

3106942927_197a726962_zSource: torbakhopper via Flickr

5. American Bobtail

Just like the name says, these dog-like cats have bobtails that are cropped and short. This breed has a love of water just as a dog would, a constant need for attention, and are devotedly loyal to their owners. Not only is the American Bobtail extremely active, but you will also find that they are wicked smart as well.

3938281897_77561a6f66_zSource: Alice Fontana via Flickr

6. Turkish Angora

With a constant need for attention, the Turkish Angora would make a great addition to a large family with children. This beautiful white-coated cat has an affinity for water, a love of playing, and a constant need for companionship. For someone that might be a dog-lover too this cat breed would make a perfect choice.

3128647077_4bf442f5ec_zSource: Peter Munks via Flickr

7. Ragdoll

This fluffy cutie gets its name for the body position it assumes when a human goes to pick it up. Lovable, loyal and kind, the Ragdoll is perfect for anyone that likes their cat close… and usually this breed will be found sitting directly in your lap! Due to their docile and easy-going nature, the Ragdoll is great for anyone that wants a laid-back constant companion.

6323296325_e2621e7670_zSource: Christian via Flickr

8. Bombay

These striking black cats can be easily leash trained, learned to fetch, and love to dote on their owners with affection after they’ve grown tired from play. They are as loyal as they are sweet, and do well in an environment that provides constant interaction and attention.

5344744027_d23ac7bdb5_zSource: Jackie O via Flickr

9. Ocicat

This rather intelligent spotted breed is very adaptable and eager to learn new things. If you have an Ocicat in your home then you should have little trouble getting them to respond to basic commands and may even find that they actually understand what is that you are saying. This breed might be good for someone who doesn’t want to have to repeatedly tell kitty to get down from the counter!

4819443705_78e32516fc_zSource: Javier Guillot via Flickr

10. Domestic Shorthair

Pretty much every American knows these guys as the Alley Cats. This short coat breed comes in all patterns and colors, but commonly can be found in the orange tabby cat style. These cats can be quite large, and possess a certain “cattitude” about them that is recognizable to their loving owners. The domestic shorthair is a cool cat and might in fact be the most popular cat in the world due to its abundance. These cats require little grooming, make a great family pet, and are known to have a love of hunting–with the average Domestic Shorthair spending up to 6 hours a day doing exactly this! (Well, if they travel outside the home, of course.)

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