Cats Make Friends With Human Babies

| Published on September 12, 2015

Many people don’t expect cats to warm up to human babies. After all, cats are intelligent, sophisticated creatures that don’t have time for drooling, yelling, tiny humans. They don’t dogs and some don’t really care for human adults, so it’s fair to say they probably don’t like babies either. But these cats show us just how wrong we can be as they follow new babies around, making friends and enjoying their company. They even go so far as to gently play with them. It’s almost as if the cats are just as enamored with these adorable babies as the rest of the family and it wouldn’t surprise us if this were true. We certainly hope that these friendships last for a very long time.

Special thanks to Tiger Productions for putting together such a sweet compilation. By the way things look in this video, these babies will have feline friends for many years to come.