Blind Kitten Gets A New View On Life

Cat lovers will do just about anything to help a cat in need. Even if that cat is a wild kitten with his protective mother standing guard. One might as well be dealing with a tiger when it comes to feral cat mom. But, her sweet darling baby needed major help as both his eyes were covered in extremely thick scabbing. Beneath those scabs, infection surely festered. The poor little ginger was bumping and stumbling, unable to find his mother’s … Read more

Rescue’s Loving Arms Wash Away Kitten’s Storm Drain Fears

Anyone who has ever attempted to dislodge a cat from their hiding spot when he doesn’t want to come out knows the operation is one to test your patience and ingenuity. Rescue workers alerted to a kitten in a storm drain experienced just such an operation. Below ground, among the muck and trash, a kitten had gotten himself stuck in the drain pipes. Without help, he would have probably perished alone among the garbage. The kind hearts at Hope for … Read more

Bowie The Cat Captivates With Blue & Green Eyes

With an eye of blue and one of green, Bowie the cat is a handsome lad. His fair coat is patched russet and black on his face, throat, and legs. Black and grey stripes ring his tail. His photos are addictive, thanks to such a striking appearance. He’s simply living art with his dramatic features and over 32,000 Instagram users agree. Bowie the cat hails from Alicante, Spain. In 2018, Maria Lloret adopted the striped and white cat from a … Read more

Quilty the Shelter Cat Won’t Stop Freeing His Friends!

Quilty the cat has always had the urge to be free. Not just himself, but he also believes that all the cats at the shelter should be free too! So, he has a bad habit of escaping and helping other cats escape too. It seems like a thoughtful and heartwarming thing to do, but the staff at the Friends for Life Animal Shelter in Texas are not amused. On multiple occasions, they have found the cats running loose thanks to … Read more

Grandma Lowers Boy From Balcony To Rescue Cat

When seeing a cat in trouble, we sometimes lose sense of what’s safe in making the rescue. Kind hearts would do well to remember safety when helping kitty cats. A grandmother in China learned this the hard way after receiving scrutiny for her chosen method of rescuing her cat from peril. The incident was caught on camera as alarmed bystanders watched the dangerous rescue unfold. Looking over the edge of her apartment balcony in Nanchong, Ms. Tang spotted her cat … Read more

About Maine Coon Cats: Gentle Giants, Rulers Of Hearts

The snow falls gently on a field of white and from the trees wanders a magnificent creature. A cat so large your eyes can’t be seeing the feline right. But no, the cat is that large and padding easily through the wet blanket of slush on paws like snowshoes. The falling flakes bother the cat little, his thick fur flowing as the snow melts away. You’re spotted by the awe-inspiring cat, wondering if a small grey tiger with fluffy fur … Read more

Pregnant Cat Adopts Woman & Makes Herself At Home

Sometimes cats choose us as their humans before we’re even sure what’s happening. One day we meet a cat, give the sweet kitty some snuggles, and the next we’re head over heels in love with jellybean toes and tickling whiskers. This exact situation happened with a woman and the cat who claimed her. But, when Boots the cat claimed Rachel, little did she know, there was about to be a whole litter of love coming her way. Meant to Be … Read more

Tabby Cat Demands Attention From Praying Monk

If a cat rules your world, then you’re familiar with the lengths a kitty cat will go to in order to get your attention. Especially when you’re right in the middle of something important. Thailand’s tradition of free-roaming cats means Thai kitties are well-practiced at making themselves at home in the middle of people’s lives. Buddhist temples see many cats hanging about as devotees believe in respect to all living things, which Thai cats have learned means bowls full of … Read more

Breaking Mews: History’s Finest Artworks Inspired By Fat Cat

Oh, how cats inspire us. From print to paint, cats have been muses for humans since the dawn of their cohabitation. Zarathustra the Cat is no exception, inspiring his mom to uncover the original versions of some well-known artwork. From some of humans’ first expressions of art to the pop phenomena of our time, Svetlana shows the world the beauty of art when a cat provides the creative revelation. @FatCatArt/Instagram Zarathustra and Svetlana met in 2008 after the death of … Read more

Roll-Over Rover, Cats Might Be Man’s New Best Friend

Listen up cat people… Cat ladies aren’t the only one who understand and appreciate the deep connection between humans and cats. According to a recent study, single men in Britain love their cats and happily own the title “Cat-chelor”. In a study commissioned by and conducted by One Poll, 1,000 single men living in the United Kingdom were asked about cats. The study’s findings were surprising and also dooming for dogs and their hold on the title of Man’s … Read more