Clay vs. Crystal Litter: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to cat litter, there are so many different types to choose from. Many litter brands are made from two specific litter types: crystal and clay. Sure, many cat parents are familiar with clay litter, but how much do you really know about the advantages and disadvantages of it? How do you know which litter is best for your cat? Luckily, iHeartCats has partnered with PrettyLitter, who has helped share some of this beneficial information with you. Crystal vs. … Read more

Tangerine-Terrified Cat Thwarted From Destroying Christmas Tree

Cats dig destruction. A gleam comes to their eyes as they watch the object of their fascination crash to the ground. A sense of excitement fumes off them as they tear apart a toy or worse yet, work documents. Our naughty feline besties love the sound of something shattering into a million pieces. They sit proudly above their mess for all the world to see what they’ve wrought. And their destruction can range from a water glass to an entire … Read more

“Purrfect Cuddly Kittens” Defy The Bounds Of Cuteness

Simply stated, kittens are cute. Those fluffy tummies and tiny whiskers are too much. And when a baby kitty starts to play, rolling about and pouncing, OMG what could be cuter? No matter what they do, kittens makes us melt with adorable antics. Even when gnawing our fingers with those sharp baby teeth or tearing up our stuff as they learn the ropes, we can’t help becoming putty in their paws. You know what’s cuter than one kitten though? screenshot, … Read more

‘Poodle Cats’, Curly-Coated Cuties

The term ‘poodle cat’ can sound like an oxymoron on first hearing it. After all, a poodle is a dog not a cat, right? Surprise! Within the cat realm, there exists a cat with the curly coat seen on poodle dogs. And of course, the curly kitty cats are fantastically adorable. While called ‘poodle cats’, the actual breed name is the Selkirk Rex. If you’ve never seen one, you’re not alone. They’re a relatively new breed in the cat world, … Read more

Shadow and Smoke, Amazing Narnia Is Living Art

Chimera cats are magical felines with faces painted in dueling shades from which we can’t turn away. French feline Narnia is a chimera cat who lives up to his fantastical name with his smoke and shadow face. From the moment he was born, the sweet black and grey cat was meant for greatness. Already mesmerizing to those around him, Narnia became famous worldwide after professional animal photographer Jean-Michel Labat shared photos of the striking British shorthair. Its easy to see … Read more

Man Becomes Devoted Cat Dad After Saving Kitten

Some folks don’t realize they are cat lovers until a kitty is firmly settled in their arms and in their hearts. These non-cat people think themselves immune to twitchy whiskers and jellybean toes. They don’t think anything of sweet purrs and leg twining. And why? Because they simply haven’t been claimed by a cat yet. Los Angeles Photographer Josh Separzadeh is one such person. While he loved animals, he never dreamed he’d be crazy for a cat, but after Smokey … Read more

Seriously Cute Kitten Billy Fox Equals Cuteness Overload

Cat lovers go silly for videos of kittens being cute and the subject of a recent video has us melting from a #CutenessOverload. A few days ago, the world was introduced to a seriously cute kitten stalking a camera. You know the video, a ridiculously adorable kitten slowly creeps across a room, practicing his stalking abilities. When the kitten pounces the camera, his joyful purr floods the speakers. When that pounce is made, hearts explode with the absolute adorability of … Read more

Kittens Born In Tire Plumping Nicely In Foster Care

Stray cats often have kittens in odd places. For example, one wild mama cat found a stack of tires the perfect place to birth her family. Employees of the Los Angeles auto shop were used to the lady cat hanging about. But she wasn’t a friendly thing. She kept her distance and staff kept theirs. But a few months ago, the stray lady gave birth to a litter of kittens in a tire that was part of a stack. In … Read more

Old Man Cat Comforts Shelter Kittens

Male cats often get a bad rap for being tough Toms who are wild and want little in the way of cuddling. Cat lovers disagree. Boy cats are just as lovey as their lady counterparts. Old Man Harrow proves this every minute of every day. And rather than being a crabby old man, he’s a sweet Gramps of a cat with much love for the stray kittens of Alley Cat Rescue. Harrow once had a home, but after his human … Read more

Chicks Dig Cool Cats

Oscar the cat is what you imagine when you think of the quintessential cat. He’s a grey tabby and delightfully chubby. Napping makes him happy. Food is an ultimate pleasure. And, he looks at the world like he’s bored. Unless he’s looking at his baby chicks. Yes, you read that right. His baby chicks. And this is where our view of cats goes sideways a bit when it comes to Oscar. We as cat lovers know the true depth of … Read more