10 Essential Items You Need Before Bringing Home A Cat

Preparing for a cat can resemble preparing for a baby as there are so many things to think about. How do we make sure they’re kept safe and healthy? What do we need to make sure they’re happy and don’t get bored and lonely? If you’re getting ready to bring home a new cat or kitten, be sure to check off the items on this list. #1 – Microchip and/or Collar with ID Tag Making sure your cat or kitten … Read more

10 Things Your Cat Wishes You Knew

Our cats don’t speak English or any other human language, so they can’t always tell us exactly what they’re thinking and feeling. But if cat’s could speak, these are things they’d likely let us know. #1 – I’m Good for Your Health There have been a number of studies that show cats are beneficial to human health, from reducing allergies in children, lowering blood pressure, healing depression and decreasing the risk for stroke. #2 – Don’t Punish Me for Things … Read more

15 DIY Tips That Make Living With A Cat Easier

Cat owners often find themselves slave to their feline companions and if you’ve got more than one cat, you’re likely to feel overwhelmed at some point. So how do we outsmart our cats and make living with them easier? Read these hacks below! #1 – Grow Your Own Catnip It seems like everyone’s got an organic green thumb lately, so why not spend some time growing your own catnip? You and your cat will both benefit. Click page 2 below … Read more

5 Ways To Ease Your Cat’s Allergies

Cats suffer from allergies just like people and they’re constantly looking for relief as well. Since they can’t go to the store and grab some decongestant, however, it’s up to us to help ease their discomfort. Here are some tips for helping your cat get through allergy season comfortably. #1 – Keep Your Cat Indoors Although it’s not doable for everyone, keeping your cats indoors is probably one of the best things you can do for them. Not only does … Read more

7 Grooming Tips For Long-haired Cats

While long-haired cats may be beautiful, sometimes people are apprehensive to have one because of the extra work they might think will be involved. Long-haired cats have a certain appeal to them and if you look past the grooming, they can make a great choice for a companion. Here are some helpful tips to keep those long-haired kitties looking marvelous 24/7: 1. The softer the coat, the more grooming required This is a general rule of thumb that you can … Read more