9 Tips For Moving With Cats

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on January 8, 2015

Moving is stressful, and can be even more so for your cat. Cats like having routines and by throwing a wrench in their mastermind of perfection there may come a change in temperament and behavior for the time being. Follow this tips to make the transition easier for both you and your cat to get them back to their old selves in no time:


1. Put moving boxes out in advance

Cats are naturally curious creatures and by having moving boxes out weeks in advance this will enable them to understand what is going on a little better. By making the moving experience fun for your cat, this should cause them less stress in a normally super stressful situation.

3481425225_612cc21bd7_zSource: swayframe via Flickr

2. Get them properly acquainted with the cat carrier

Some cats really don’t like being inside of a cat carrier and aren’t afraid to express their opinions about it. If your cat falls into this category put the carrier out in an ample amount of time before your move so that your cat can warm up to the idea and isn’t shellshocked when you just stuff them in there out of the blue.

 7663343610_3379f82d3b_zSource: Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr

3. Do not open the carrier during the actual move

Regardless of your cat’s cries, do not open their carrier during the actual move for fear that they may escape. An anxiety-ridden cat roaming around a car in motion is not a good idea and can be dangerous for both cat and driver. Wait until you are in a secure area to release the cat from their carrier.

 5018886912_dea8a01fa9_zSource: Dorli Photography via Flickr

4. Keep kitty in the bathroom during the move

To ensure that your cat doesn’t make a dash out the door keep them contained inside of a bathroom with food, water, and litter available. Cats may become very skittish with so much foot traffic coming in and out of the home while people are moving belongings/furniture in and out. It’s always a good idea to leave a sign on the door to warn others of the precious cargo inside the bathroom that you don’t want escaping.

 10267128015_1af03e8eda_zSource: Finn Frode via Flickr

5. Be sure to cat proof your new home

With a new home comes new things and it’s smarter to play things safe than sorry. Check the electrical outlets, any possibility for poisonous house plants left behind, and screen checks for all the windows. If your new home has been treated for pests be sure that no traps have been left out for kitty to find.

 533205639_e4a8e9b23b_zSource: AussieGold via Flickr

6. Give them a “home-base” room that’s theirs

When you’re first settling in it’s nice for your cat to have a safe place that’s their own while everyone and everything is getting properly situated. This home-base area will allow your cat to feel more comfortable with the unexplainable changes occurring in their life and help them to relax as much as they can given the situation. Using this space for several days (or at least till all moving is finished) might be best for your confused cat.


7. Give your cat access to the house once the moving phase is over

Once you have everything brought over from your old house and doors are securely closed, if your cat seems interested in exploring their new territory allow them to do so at their own free will.

 2669722508_39ebc0d0f6_oSource: Angela via Flickr

8. Try keeping to your cat’s schedule

If your cat has a particular schedule in which they eat, try sticking to this to make the transition in to a new home easier for them. Feed bowls with timers are great so that if you are busy moving/unpacking your cat can keep with their routine.

50739054_6b33660639_zSource: mouton.rebelle via Flickr

9. Give them time to adjust

Like some humans, cats aren’t the biggest fans of change. Moving might cause some cats more stress than others, and these stressed out cats may need longer to adjust. When you move, give your cat time to adapt to their new surroundings. Gradually the shock of the move should begin to wear off and you will see their personality shining through once again.

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