Cat Throws A Hissy Fit When His Mom Dresses As A Cat For Halloween

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
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| Published on November 12, 2019

Cats can get angry over the silliest things sometimes, but this cat has a perfectly good excuse for being upset. With Halloween approaching, his mom had to pick the perfect costume.

Since she is a cat lover, what could be better than a cute cat costume to match her cat? She was all dressed up and ready for the spooky holiday, but it turned out, her cat was not amused at all.

“I was dressed up as a cat for Halloween, and discovered that my cat didn’t like my cat ears,” said his mom. “He looked really freaked out, and looked like he was going to pounce on me until I took the ears off. Then, he went back to normal as if nothing happened.”

Image: Screenshot, ViralHog YouTube

The Scaredy-Cat’s Viral Video

A video of the cat’s reaction to his mother’s costume recently went viral. At the beginning of the video, the girl is happily petting her furry friend, and the cat seems to be enjoying her company. The girl is dressed in a black cat outfit, but she hasn’t put on the finishing touch yet.

After giving her cat some attention, the girl completes her Halloween costume by putting on some matching cat ears. As soon as the cat sees her, his ears go down and he looks at her in disgust. Then, he slowly begins backing away while continuing to give her a skeptical glare. 

Image: Screenshot, ViralHog YouTube

Throughout this entire exchange, his mom can’t help but laugh. It’s almost as if the cat doesn’t recognize her. What a difference a great costume can make, especially for a cat apparently.

After the cat has walked to the other side of his mom to get a better look at her, she laughs one last time and takes the ears off. As soon as those ears are gone, the cat perks back up and returns to requesting attention from her. He acts as if nothing even happened at all.

It is not clear why the cat disliked the costume so much. Maybe he didn’t like his mom dressing up like him. Maybe he just didn’t want her to dress differently. Whatever the reason, it is clear that he loves her and the ears just startled him. Halloween can be a strange time for cats and dogs, so it is understandable that he was a little confused. Although he’s probably hoping that she uses a different, less frightening costume next year!

Featured Image: Screenshot, ViralHog YouTube