13 Cat-Themed Halloween Goodies For A Wickedly Wonderful Spooky Season

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on September 13, 2023
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When October’s chill fills the air, every feline-fancying Halloween fan starts dreaming of black cats, witches with kitty companions, and, naturally, cat-themed Halloween decorations and apparel that showcases their love for all things whiskered! The spooky season isn’t just for ghouls and ghosts; it’s a time to celebrate our furry, purring pals in all the fun and eerie ways possible.

Dive into our bewitching array of reviews for the most enchanting cat-themed Halloween items for those smitten with kittens. And while you’re here, don’t miss out on our tips to ensure that the Halloween festivities are as delightful for our feline friends as they are for us. Whether you’re hunting for the perfect decorations, looking for a bewitching costume, or just searching for ways to involve your cat in the celebrations, we have the purr-fect advice and product suggestions to make this Halloween memorable for you and your furry sidekick.

What to Think About When Choosing Halloween Decorations for Your Cat-Friendly Home

Cats are curious creatures, and while they might be interested in Halloween decorations, there are several factors to consider to ensure their safety and well-being during the spooky season:

  1. Safety First: Cats are known to chew on and play with anything new in their environment. Ensure that your decorations are made of non-toxic materials and don’t have small parts that could be swallowed.
  2. Avoid String and Ribbons: Cats are fascinated by string, yarn, and ribbons, which can be dangerous if ingested. Decorations with these elements should be placed out of reach or avoided entirely.
  3. Stability of Decorations: Cats are natural climbers. Ensure that any larger decorations or displays are stable and won’t tip over if a curious cat decides to jump on or paw at them.
  4. Avoid Real Candles: Cats and open flames are not a good mix. Opt for LED or other battery-operated candles to avoid the risk of burns or fire.
  5. Limit Noise-Producing Decorations: Some decorations might produce sudden loud noises that can scare or stress out your feline friend. If using such decorations, place them in areas where the cat doesn’t frequent or opt for quieter alternatives.
  6. Secure Loose Wires: If your decorations are electronic, ensure that any wires are safely tucked away or covered. Cats might be tempted to play with or chew on them, leading to potential harm.
  7. Edible Decorations: If you’re using decorations that are food-based (like candy bowls or pumpkin displays), make sure they’re out of reach. Some human treats can be toxic to cats.
  8. Avoid Obstructing Their Usual Paths: Cats are creatures of habit. Avoid placing decorations in their usual resting spots, pathways, or near their food and litter area.
  9. Interactive Decorations: If you want to engage your cat’s curiosity safely, consider getting cat-friendly interactive Halloween toys. This will give them a safe outlet for their curiosity.
  10. Frequent Checks: Regularly check on your decorations to ensure they’re intact and that your cat hasn’t tried to play with or chew on them.

Remember, every cat is different. Some might be indifferent to Halloween decorations, while others might be more curious. Always prioritize their safety and well-being, and adjust your decorating strategy based on their behavior.

Factors to Consider When Wearing a Halloween Costume Around Your Cat

Cats are sensitive and observant creatures, and introducing unfamiliar sights, sounds, or movements in their environment (like a Halloween costume) can sometimes be unsettling for them. Here are some factors to consider when wearing a Halloween costume around your feline friend:

  1. Sudden Transformation: If you suddenly appear in a costume, especially one that changes your silhouette or covers your face, it might startle or confuse your cat. Consider letting them see you gradually put on the costume so they understand it’s still you.
  2. Mask Awareness: Wearing a mask can be particularly alarming for cats because they rely heavily on facial cues. If you do wear one, let your cat sniff and examine the mask before you wear it. It’s also helpful to talk to your cat while wearing the mask, as they’ll recognize your voice.
  3. Noisy Accessories: If your costume has bells, whistles, or any noisy accessories, be aware that these might be startling or annoying to your cat.
  4. Flowing Fabrics: Cats might be tempted to claw or pounce on long, flowing fabrics or trailing costume elements. Be cautious about this, especially if your costume includes delicate materials.
  5. Smell of the Costume: Cats have a keen sense of smell. If your costume has a strong odor (like from plastic, rubber, or certain dyes), it might be off-putting or curious for them. Letting your costume air out before wearing can help.
  6. Avoiding Over-Interaction: While you might be excited about your costume, avoid chasing or overly engaging with your cat if they seem skittish or scared. Let them come to you on their terms.
  7. Costume Materials: Ensure the materials of your costume aren’t harmful or toxic if chewed or ingested. Some cats might be tempted to nibble on unfamiliar textures.
  8. Safe Space: Make sure your cat has a safe space they can retreat to if they’re not comfortable with your costume. This could be a quiet room, their bed, or any familiar, undisturbed spot.
  9. Limit Time in Costume: If you notice your cat is particularly stressed or unsettled by your costume, limit the amount of time you spend in it around them.
  10. Be Mindful of Other Pets: If you have other pets in the house, be aware that they might also react differently to your costume. Their reactions could influence how your cat responds.

Remember to always prioritize your cat’s comfort and well-being. If they seem stressed or scared, it might be best to forgo the costume or wear it only when you’re not around your feline friend.

Our 13 Favorite Halloween Items to Help Cat Lovers Celebrate Spooky Season

Spooky Up the Manor with Feline Vibes

#1 – COMIN Halloween Inflatable 5FT Long Three Pumpkin Cat Head Combo with Built-in LEDs

COMIN Halloween Inflatable 5FT Long Three Pumpkin Cat Head Combo with Built-in LEDs
  • Size: 5FT Long
  • Design: Unique Three Pumpkin Cat Head Combo
  • Lighting: Built-in LEDs for nighttime illumination
  • Use: Suitable for indoor and outdoor display
  • Setup: Easy to inflate and secure
  • Sweet for Spooky Nights: Ideal for cat lovers during Halloween

When the haunting season arrives, cat enthusiasts have a reason to rejoice with the COMIN Halloween Inflatable featuring a Three Pumpkin Cat Head Combo. Spanning an impressive 5 feet, this delightful decoration beautifully melds Halloween’s spooky allure with the undeniable charm of our feline friends. With built-in LEDs, it not only illuminates the night in a ghostly glow but also becomes a captivating focal point in any yard or garden. For those who wish to proclaim their love for cats and Halloween simultaneously, this inflatable is the purr-fect addition to their festive decor. It’s not just a decoration; it’s a statement!

#2 – GOOSH 6 FT Halloween Inflatables Outdoor Black Cat with Shakable Head

GOOSH 6 FT Halloween Inflatables Outdoor Black Cat with Shakable Head
  • Size: Impressive 6FT Height
  • Unique Movement: Features a shakable head for added dynamics
  • Lighting: Built-in LED lights for a spooky nighttime display
  • Installation: Hassle-free setup and deflation
  • Tough Halloween Kitty: An ultimate Halloween feline touch

Halloween is the season of chills and thrills, and with GOOSH’s 6 FT inflatable black cat, you’re guaranteed a hauntingly whimsical touch to your yard. Standing tall with a shakable head, this oversized feline isn’t just eye-catching but also delights with a hint of eerie movement to captivate and entertain guests and trick-or-treaters. Lit from within by built-in LED lights, this black cat becomes an enchanting nocturnal spectacle, perfect for making your yard the talk of the block. For those who adore cats and want to add a touch of feline spookiness to their outdoor decorations, this inflatable is a must-have.

#3 – Joiedomi 5 ft Tall Halloween Inflatable Animated Kitty Cat On Pumpkin

Joiedomi 5 ft Tall Halloween Inflatable Animated Kitty Cat On Pumpkin
  • Size: 5 ft in height for a noticeable display
  • Design: Animated kitty peeks in/out of pumpkin
  • Lighting: Equipped with built-in LEDs for illumination
  • Ease of Use: Simple inflation and deflation process
  • Cute Instead of Creepy: A playful take on Halloween

Celebrate Halloween with a touch of whimsy and feline charm courtesy of Joiedomi’s animated inflatable decoration. Featuring a delightful kitty that peeks in and out of a pumpkin, this 5 ft tall inflatable effortlessly combines the playful innocence of cats with the festive spirit of Halloween. With built-in LEDs, your yard or garden will glow eerily, making this inflatable an unmissable sight during the witching hour. Whether you’re a cat lover or simply want an enchanting addition to your Halloween decor, this animated kitty is purr-fectly spellbinding!

#4 – JFSM INC. Whimsical Orange Cat Vampire Figurine

JFSM INC. Whimsical Orange Cat Vampire Figurine
  • Design: Unique orange cat vampire theme
  • Collection: Part of the exclusive Happy Cat Collection
  • Material: Durable and artistically crafted
  • Versatility: Ideal for various placements around the home
  • Invite This Vampurr In: Fun fusion of feline charm and Halloween spookiness

Introducing a feline twist to a classic Halloween creature, the JFSM INC.’s whimsical orange cat vampire figurine is a delightful addition to any Halloween decor. Part of the Happy Cat Collection, this figurine effortlessly blends the quirky charm of cats with the iconic imagery of vampires. Whether placed on a mantle, shelf, or as a centerpiece, its detailed design and vibrant colors promise to be a conversation starter. And those vampurr fangs are just too cute! A true testament to the fun and enchanting world of Halloween, this figurine is a must-have for cat aficionados and Halloween enthusiasts alike.

#5 – Dafatpig Halloween Blanket Sofa Blanket

Dafatpig Halloween Blanket Sofa Blanket
  • Material: Made from 100% soft and breathable cotton
  • Design: Subtle and elegant Halloween and autumn-inspired patterns
  • Functionality: Lightweight, making it perfect for versatile use
  • Size: Generously sized at 62.99"L x 51.18"W
  • Fall Nights Feline-Style: Ideal for sofas, chairs, beds, or as a decorative throw

Autumn evenings call for cozy comforts, and Dafatpig’s Halloween blanket is the perfect companion for you and your kitty when it’s time to snuggle. Crafted from 100% cotton, this lightweight blanket promises warmth without the weight, making it ideal for snuggling on the couch or draping over a chair. Its design, subtle yet undeniably Halloween and feline festive, offers a touch of seasonal elegance to any room. Whether you’re wrapping yourself up during a chilly evening or looking to add a decorative touch to your living space, this blanket is a testament to the beauty and coziness of the fall season.

#6 – Hexagram Halloween Door Mats 17×29 Inch

Hexagram Halloween Door Mats 17x29 Inch
  • Size: Ideal 17x29 inch dimensions for most doorways
  • Design: Features silly black cats having fun with a pumpkin
  • Material: Durable to withstand frequent foot traffic
  • Fun and Spooky Combined: These Halloween cats are too cute 

Welcome guests and goblins alike with Hexagram’s Halloween door mat! Spanning 17×29 inches, this mat perfectly captures the essence of Halloween with its enchanting cat-themed farmhouse decor. Beyond its spooky and funny cat design, this doormat serves as a durable and functional addition to any entryway. Its size fits most doorways, ensuring that you not only greet visitors with festive flair but also with practicality. For those with a penchant for feline fun and Halloween haunts, this doormat is a delightful doorway accent.

#7 – CROWNED BEAUTY Halloween Cat Witch Hat Garden Flag

CROWNED BEAUTY Halloween Cat Witch Hat Garden Flag
  • Size: Compact 12x18 inch design for gardens and yards
  • Design: Double-sided with a tabby cat in a witch hat
  • Material: High-quality burlap for longevity and a rustic touch
  • Wonderfully Witchy: Merges Halloween with kitty cuteness


Usher in the Halloween season in style with this Halloween cat-themed garden flag. Measuring 12×18 inches, this small flag boasts a double-sided burlap design featuring a whimsical cat donning a witch’s hat – a delightful representation of Halloween’s playful spirit. Its material ensures durability, while its design promises to be a standout piece in any garden or yard. Whether you’re looking to enchant trick-or-treaters or simply celebrate the spooky season with some feline fun, this flag is a bewitching addition to any outdoor space.

    #8 – Halloween Decorations 3D Black Cat Door Hanger

    Halloween Decorations 3D Black Cat Door Hanger
    • Design: Intricate 3D black cat with a haunting greeting
    • Material: Crafted from wood for a rustic, long-lasting touch
    • Size: Perfectly proportioned for door hanging
    • Detail: Features detailed artwork for added allure
    • Just Hanging Around: Blends the spooky vibes with your cat love

    Make your Halloween decorations pop with a 3D touch! This black cat door hanger not only offers a unique 3D design but also proclaims “Home Sweet Haunted Home,” setting the tone for a festive and spooky season. Crafted with precision, the wooden sign offers rustic charm while its detailed artwork promises to captivate and intrigue. Perfect for haunted house themes or simply as a fun greeting for guests, this door sign seamlessly combines the allure of Halloween with the ever-popular love for cats, making it a must-have piece for any festive decor.

    Cute and Creepy Clothes for Cat Lovers

    #9 – LUKYCILD Black Cat Pumpkin Sweatshirt

    LUKYCILD Black Cat Pumpkin Sweatshirt
    • Design: Features black cats and pumpkins, the essence of Halloween
    • Comfort: Made for a cozy fit for warmth during cooler months
    • Material: Crafted with care for durability and longevity
    • Sleeves: Long sleeves for added warmth and style
    • All the Spooky Occasions: Perfect for any kind of autumn fun

    As the coolness of fall takes hold, wrap yourself in the cozy embrace of LUKYCILD’s Black Cat Pumpkin Sweatshirt. Designed specifically with the Halloween enthusiast in mind, this pullover boasts a delightful mix of spooky season imagery: black cats playing with pumpkins. Beyond its captivating design, the sweatshirt promises both warmth and comfort with its long-sleeved design. Whether you’re out on a haunted hayride, gathered around a bonfire, or simply sipping pumpkin spice at home, this pullover is your perfect companion for fall festivities.

    #10 – MNLYBABY Halloween Cat Sweatshirt

    MNLYBABY Halloween Cat Sweatshirt
    • Design: Ghostly cat graphic, perfect for Halloween festivities
    • Comfort: Crewneck design ensures a snug and comfortable fit
    • Material: Cotton blend made with durability in mind for repeated wear
    • Sleeves: Long sleeves suitable for the chill of fall nights
    • Anywhere You Want to Wear: Stylish enough for events yet comfy for lounging

    Celebrate the eerie allure of Halloween with MNLYBABY’s captivating cat sweatshirt. This crewneck top showcases ghostly felines, embodying both the playful and spooky spirit of the season. It not only serves as a testament to one’s love for Halloween but also for their fondness of cats. Whether you’re attending a Halloween party, embarking on a ghost tour, or simply enjoying a night in, this sweatshirt ensures you do so in both style and comfort.

    #11 – For G and PL Women’s Halloween Long Sleeve Open Front Cardigan

    For G and PL Women's Halloween Long Sleeve Open Front Cardigan
    • Design: Open front, perfect for layering and styling
    • Comfort: Crafted to offer both warmth and style
    • Material: 65% cotton, 35% polyester blends ensures longevity and a soft touch
    • Sleeves: Long sleeves, ideal for autumn's cooler temperatures
    • Halloween Versatility: Complements a wide range of outfits and styles

    Drape yourself in Halloween style with For G and PL’s open front cardigan. This long-sleeved piece is more than just a cardigan; it’s a statement of cat love during the spooky season. The big-eyed black cat and pumpkin design complements any outfit, making it an ideal choice for those chilly Halloween nights. Whether paired with a dress, skirt, or jeans, this cardigan enhances your look and keeps you comfortable. This cat-themed cardigan is a must-have addition to your wardrobe when you want to sport Halloween cat vibes!

    #12 – Adult Vintage Halloween Cat Halloween Sweater

    Adult Vintage Halloween Cat Halloween Sweater
    • Design: Features a classic black cat illustration with a vintage appeal
    • Comfort: Knitted for maximum warmth and coziness
    • Material: Crafted from quality yarns ensuring durability
    • Spooky Style: Retro cat design perfect for vintage enthusiasts
    • Frighteningly Fun & Feline: Wear for any Halloween festivities or gatherings

    Embrace a blend of retro charm and Halloween whimsy with the Adult Vintage Halloween Cat Sweater. This fun look beckons memories of Halloweens past with its classic design, enhanced by a striking black cat illustration. Not only does it radiate vintage vibes, but it also provides snugness essential for the fall season. Perfect for themed parties, family gatherings, or just a casual night with friends, this sweater is an impeccable choice for those wanting to celebrate Halloween with a touch of nostalgia.

    #13 – Halloween Dress for Women Short Sleeves Printed Vintage Style A-Line Party Dresses – Black Cat Print

    Halloween Dress for Women Short Sleeves Printed Vintage Style A-Line Party Dresses – Black Cat Print
    • Design: Skeleton cat print on a vintage-style A-line dress
    • Fit: Flattering silhouette suitable for various body types
    • Material: 95% polyester & 5% spandex for comfort and longevity
    • Layer Up: Short sleeves perfect for the transitional weather of fall
    • Feline Fashionista: Ideal for Halloween parties and events

    Add a dash of feline finesse to your Halloween ensemble with this vintage-style A-line dress adorned with a mesmerizing skeleton cat print. Tailored to flatter, its A-line silhouette ensures an easy fit for all body types, while the short sleeves make it apt for the fall transition. This dress isn’t just about the allure; it’s about making a statement that you love fashion and felines. Whether you’re heading to a Halloween soiree or enjoying a moonlit stroll, this dress ensures you do so with the spookiest of style.

    Bonus Halloween Must Have For Cat Lovers! – Spooktacular Creations 5 Pcs Kitty Cat Costume Accessories

    Spooktacular Creations 5 Pcs Kitty Cat Costume Accessories
    • Set: Comprehensive 5-piece set including headband, gloves, bow tie, and tail
    • Design: Crafted to provide an authentic cat-like appearance
    • Material: Made with durability and comfort in mind
    • Versatility: Perfect for a complete cat costume or individual accessory use
    • Be a Cat!: Ideal for Halloween parties, events, and costume gatherings

    Be a cat no matter what you wear and unleash your inner feline this Halloween with Spooktacular Creations’ 5-piece Kitty Cat Costume Accessories set. This kit, complete with a headband, paws gloves, bow tie, and tail, promises to transform you into the purr-fect Halloween cat. Whether you’re planning a full-blown costume or just seeking a touch of feline flair, these accessories ensure you achieve your desired look with ease. So why wait? Get ready to prowl the Halloween night with unmatched cat-tastic style!

    As the witching hour approaches, remember to share the Halloween spirit with your feline friends. From chic cat-themed decor to tips on keeping them safe and happy during the festivities, we’ve covered it all. So, this year, as you carve pumpkins and plan costumes, ensure you also toast to the whiskered wonders that make every day magical. After all, what’s a witch without her cat?

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