Cat Still Waits In The Same Spot Where It Was Abandoned Over A Year Ago

Dogs aren’t the only animals that are loyal until the end.

A heartbreaking story has been circulating social media in Russia about a cat who has been waiting over a year for its owner’s return.

According to Daily Mail, “The story of the abandoned cat was posted on the Russian equivalent to Facebook by user Ostap Zadunayskiy.”

The post reportedly describes how the cat was seen running after its family’s car as they drove away, moving out of their home and abandoning their pet forever. Over a year later, the kitty still waits in the same spot on the manhole cover as if hoping its family will return to finally take it home.

Daily Mail explains that Zadunayskiy said, “This is a great example of human meanness and true animal loyalty.” He also mentioned that the locals have shown the kitty kindness by feeding it day after day.

It must be mentioned that there are some skeptics who claim the cat returns to the same spot for a guaranteed meal. Regardless, seeing abandoned animals is always heartbreaking. We’re glad to see that the community has worked together to take the kitty under its wing.

(h/t: Daily Mail)

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