Cat Says “Nope” To The Day And Goes Into Hiding

Have you ever had one of those days where you just cannot? It’s not one thing in particular that you are dreading – work, the gym, bills, nagging kids – it’s all of it. Most of us don’t have the luxury of pulling the covers over our heads and shutting out the world – we have places to go and grown-up obligations to fulfill – but one brave cat named Loki is sticking it to the man and saying “no way” to this day! Loki can do that, because, well, he’s a cat.

Poor Loki can barely stay on his paws! Once inside his fortress of solitude, he all but collapses!

Had he simply climbed into the drawer and called it a day, Loki’s humans may have misinterpreted his defiance as typical feline mischief. The fact that he actually pulls it shut behind him shows that this kitty means business!

Hang in there, Loki! Tomorrow is a new day!


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